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    System Hardware Look Up

    Thanks Debaser626. I will give these things a try.
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    B&W G3 Upgrades

    What is the best configuration for a B&W 400MHz that is very low cost? I would like to install OS X from 9.1. I have three IDE Hard Drives (one running off the Onboard IDE port and the other two running off of a ATA33 add on card). I see that the B&W have 1 66MHz slot and 3 33MHz slots. What...
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    System Hardware Look Up

    I am very new to MACs and just purchased a B&W 400MHz to mess around with Mac OS software. I have 2 questions: 1. In OS 9.1 can you tell the processor speed and memory amount? 2. Can I use a standard IDE Hard Drive that I pulled from a PC on this computer? If so, how can I use this...