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    Can't Get Classic to Work In 10.3.9 Using User Account

    I can't get classic to run under a user account I created after reinstalling my OSX 10.3. I can use as administrator. Thanks
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    640x480 Only Screen Res After Pc Ati 7000 Installed In B&w G3

    How can I get back the other screen resolutions? I bought an ATI 7000 but didn't realize it was not the Mac Edition, I bought it off of ebay. And after some research, I see that I can flash the card depending on the size of the chip. I'm current using an ATI XClaim VR Pro 4 VRAM card and the...
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    NetZero Blues - Won't launch in 10.0.4

    The install works wonderfully, but when I try and launch from the dock or the original file, it just won't work. Is there a way that I can get to a log that will help me figure out what might work or so I can post it? I am connect to the internet via cable modem as I'm trying it launch...
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    What's a fast browser for a 300mhz B&W?

    I'm looking for something other than IE to use on my B&W. It seems to hang when connecting to a site using 128 encryption. Thanks