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    connecting MacBook to projector and keeping MacBook as the ‘main’ monitor

    Hi I have a MacBook and am starting to sometimes connect it to a projector (via hdmi or airplay with an apple tv) to use it as a second, separate display (not mirrored). It works well except that every time that i connect the projector via hdmi or airplay, it always moves all my windows from...
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    Make it so that my iPhone does not disturb me with phone calls from unidentified callers

    Hey, is there any way make it so that my iPhone does not disturb me with phone calls from unidentified callers? I often get calls from random telemarketers when I’m listening to music and it interrupts my listening experience. I want to make it so that, if the caller is not in my contacts, then...
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    Questions about activity monitor and speeding up computer

    Hi, I’m having some issues with Mac running slowly and trying to troubleshoot with activity monitor, Could you please help? I frequently find the VTDecoderXPCService, WindowServer, and kernel_task are taking up alot of resources, even though I don’t know what they are and am not intentionally...
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    windows/applications are moving to different monitors

    Hi, i’m having an issue where windows/applications are moving to different monitors, Could you please help? I have 3 monitors, an iMac screen, a 4k tv, and an HP 1080 monitor that about 25”. I generally always keep my applications in the same place… I keep firefox (playing youtube) on the HP...
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    Issue With Apple Numbers Functions. Text And Actual

    I am trying to get the sum of added numbers from a CVC file i downloaded of amazon purchases. The sum function is not working. Could you please help me figure out why? It works fine when I enter the numbers, but not for numbers that Amazon added. I thought that I needed to delete the $ on all of...
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    Second User Account For Security

    Hi I’m making a new, second user account on my mac that i plan to use for banking and sensitive personal information. I have alot of applications on my main account and i’m not entirely sure that i trust them all, so it seems like a good idea to use a different account that doesn’t have so many...