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    Mac OS X 10.2

    well i just fixed firmware 4.1.9 already now it work great so i put Mac OS X 10.2 install from 9.2.2 and the screen kept look same and say error and it wont let me install...please help!
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    Firmware Update 4.1.9

    i just restored new Mac OS 9 already so now i have a problem that say i need to update firmware so i follow the instruction i hold the programmmer button and it just pop up with white screen say welcome to firmware update continue mac boot or shut down? i have no clue why is that i mean it...
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    Mac OS 9.2

    well my friend got a computer from school they gave it to him for free so the version was 9.2 and it has two different account one was admin and other is guesting the admin already has set the password but guesting is open allow so he told me to reboot the 9.2 disc so i did and it still there...