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    desktop is locked

    Somehow my desktop has become locked every time I try to move an app. onto it or delete or rename an icon it tells me the desktop cannot be modified.Sometimes it asks me for an administrative name and password but when I enter it nothing happens.This is my kids account so it is not an...
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    burning a cd

    I am trying to make a copy of a cd that has a program on it.Its not a copy righted program so I should be able to burn it.I'm new to mac but in windows I would open a burn program and choose the disc and it would burn on a cd.I dont know what program to use to do this with mac.I have idvd and...
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    playing a dvd

    I installed a dvd into my imac and everytime I want to watch it I have to eject the dvd then reinsert it for it to start to play.Is there a way I can get the dvd to play without ejecting it first.When I right click on the icon that appears on my desktop it doesnt give me an option to play the...
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    somehow iphoto was deleted from my computer.I was told that it is on my installation disc and I should reinstall the disc.My question is do I need to backup everything on my computer to a external hard drive or can I just install iphot without the installation disc deleting anything from my...
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    I was wondering if there is a way to bypass the keychain login password.I am the administrator on this computer and my children have there own accounts and I would like to watch what they are doing on facebook and aim but when I try to log into their keychain account to find out there passwords...
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    airport connection

    I just bought a new macBook pro and I cannot connect to the internet.I am using my Imac desktop as the router.I have airport turned on and internet sharing turned on and my mac book still cant find an internet connection.My ipods and a dell laptop are connected to the internet through airport...
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    sleep password

    I have 2 accounts on my computer and I have it set up so that it goes to sleep after 10 minutes but when it does if the last person on the computer doesnt log out it doesnt go back to the main log in screen.You have to know the last persons password and log them off first and if there not around...
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    burning a cd

    I have a cd that I am trying to burn and it doesnt seem to work.I have an imac with only one cd/dvd burner.I put the disk in and goto file and click burn disk then it tells me to remove the disk and put a blank disk in but when I do the original is now removed and there is nothing to burn.I made...
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    typing a url address

    When I open safari and go to the address bar to type a url address for a web site I used to just type the name and hit enter and safari would add the www & the .com at the end of the when I type it and hit enter it adds the new url that I just typed to the end of the url for my home...
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    keychain access

    How can I change the password in keychain.My son put a password on safari and the one he used is different from the login password and I'm affraid one day I will forget it and have to reinstall everything.I would like to change it to the login password if possible or erase the password...
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    Ipod touch

    I am trying to download adobe flash player10 and it keeps telling me download failed safari cannot download this file.Can the Itouch download this file or is it for computers only.I chose the download for mac should I use a windows version.I cant open certain web sites without it.And Is there a...
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    Ipod touch

    I have an internet connection and I was able to download the app into my itunes account but there is no tab for me to sync the app onto my itouch .on my computer I have a program called airport and one for bluetooth when I open either one of them they start looking for wireless hardware is this...
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    Ipod touch

    I just bought an Ipod touch 8gig and I am trying to download an application and it is not letting me.There is not even a tab in the main menu for it. Do I need to download additional sowftware for this or is 8gig not enough for applications.I dont have a wifi router or bluetooth connection...
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    sleep password

    I want my computer to require a password after it goes into sleep mode or screen saver mode.I went into security and checked the password for sleep mode box but it doesnt work after it goes to sleep I can just wake it up and Im logged in.It happens on my account and my kids.I dissabled auto...
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    I am trying ti print a paragraph from a page on a web site.I highlighted the paragraph I want but it only lets me print the page or the hole story which is 5 pages.I only want to print the 10 lines I highlighted.Do I have to save it to a word program first.I cant find any other way to do this
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    Is there a way to lock the dock so nobody can change it on accident.My children drag stuff off all the time and I have constantly fix it.My other question is do I always have to go to safari to open my bookmarks or is there a way to create a shortcut or icon in the dock for it.
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    safari icon

    My safari icon was moved from my dock to my desktop.I am trying to move it back and not have the icon on my desktop. but everytime I drag it to the dock it leaves the icon on my desktop and puts one in the dock.I tried command drag but it didnt work and if I erase the icon on my desktop I loose...
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    windows icon

    I just installed windows xp on my mac and it placed a harddrive icon on my desktop.It also placed the same icon on the desktop of the other account I have set up on my computer which is for my children.I want to remove the icon from the other account which is not an administrative account but I...
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    finder window

    When I turn on my computer it goes right to safari it used to start up in the finder window.How do I change it back to start up in finder.I have osx leopard.