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    P.N.03 for GCN.

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    Cat Command.

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    Backup software.

    Hey everyone. :) I got a bit of a question for ya. I got some Mac/PC software thats starting to show its ware. (I wish Ram disks were a standard in the industry) So I wanted to ask if there may be a way to create and burn backup copies of my software with "Disk Utilities"? Now I legally own...
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    What I wish the ROKR was like.

    Larger view: Its got a simple design, clam shelled to be compact, it's white and looks more like a snazzy MP3 player then a phone. When compared to the Rokr...
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    Apple Blue Screen of death.

    Guys I really need help! I made a new account on my computer for the family to use. I made the account require no password, and put only a few restrictions on what apps and utilities they can use. I set that account to be the one my computer logs onto automatically when the computer boots up...
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    Cat Command.

    Hey all. I'd like to join together some VOB files. I heard you can do it using the "cat" command using the Terminal. Can someone please explain the steps to me? Thank you. :)
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    Google Talk.

    Google sure has come a long way since it was just a search engine. At the beginning they providied us with on of the best search engines on the planet, then came gmail (which is still in beta? :confused:), and now they have google talk. I found about this from a friend of mine. Apparently is...
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    Ok, this is something that has been bugging me for a little while. You see, for some time now I been trying to find a simple and steady way to online transfer files from a Mac to a PC. Currently my only option is messengers, but those are very slow. Does anybody know some software or maybe a...
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    Odd things happening.

    I been having a few odd things happening with my eMac lately that I'm a little concerned about. What happened is that a few weeks ago, I had moved my computer to a new location. Just another desk from across the house. The truly odd thing though is that when I turned it on, the geometry of the...
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    360 Prices.

    Some interesting news about the up coming Xbox 360 console.
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    Getting LAME to work.

    I always wondered why QT couldn't do a MP3 as a Export option so today I looked online to see if I could find something to add that feature. I found this thingy called LAME. Now, when I got it downloaded I read the instructions and this is what they said. After following those simple enough...
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    PSP video download service launches in Japan.

    Thats kinda interesting that Sony has jumped into that. I thought it was interesting news because we are all kinda wondering is if a Video iPod will happen.
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    Money for iPod users.

    Not to big of news or anything but I seen this on my local news channel. So I thought I share it.
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    Useful X-Hack Contest

    I was just wondering why none of the threads in this section are viewable. There was some neat stuff posted there and I wanted to back track to some of them.
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    Record it for later.

    Ok, I need some opinions and suggestions on something I want to start doing on my Mac. For a long time now I been wishing to record some shows I like, but by chance can't be around to watch them. In other cases I wish that I could record short movies, or get a screen capture of a video game I'm...
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    What is this key?

    This is a very very very simple question to the smart users out there I'm sure, but that's not me. :rolleyes: I use a logitech keyboard and for the longest time, I wanted to know what this key right here is.(see attachment below) I see it being used in all kinds of apps but I don't know what...
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    iPod Mini wont wake up.

    My bro is a funny type. He buys and buys before he actually looks into things. Today for example, he got himself a iPod Mini. Trouble is it needs "USB 2" to work and my computer only has USB original. I own a iPod (3rd Gen 15 Gigs) myself which came with a firewire cable. So by all means it...
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    Setting up my first Game Controller.

    Hey guys. Just yesterday I picked up my very first Mac game controller. The controller is a simple plug and play. Which means it has HID Peripheral Support Mac OS X 10.2. In the instructions and setup manual though says it works with anything later then that. Which is good as I have OS X...
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    I just wish..

    If there was one thing I wish more then anything else for my internet experience, its that there was at lest one, half decent instant messenger out there. I'm talking about one messenger that'll give equal features for both the Mac and Windows platform. Something that just works for both sides...
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    I want to make a site.

    I mean, who wouldn't? Trouble is I don't have the time to learn HTML or other such things to make a decent one. That's when I heard about a app called RapidWeaver. It's a simple drag and drop web page builder with nice selection of styles ect. I looked at some reviews though and apparently it's...