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    Vodafone Broadband UMTS cards

    I read mixed opinions about whether the new vodafone broadband internet (UMTS) cards will work with MacOSX. Does anyone *know* that it works, and what needs to be installed/configured to make it work. Thanks Robert.
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    How to use miniDV tape as a unix device

    All, I would really like to use a firewire attached minidv tape drive (aka a digital camcorder) as a tape drive - that is all it is at the end of the day! Does anyone know if this is possible, and perhaps could give me some guidance how to create the device ? My end game is to be able to...
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    Files missing in finder

    I was hoping this 'bug' would be fixed in 10.1..... Quite consistently finder does not keep its view of a directory up to date. When a file is written to a directory - by for example stuffit - it does not appear in the finder window. The file is definately in the file system as it can be...
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    Modem access from Classic

    I wonder if anyone has had any sucess in accessing modems from Classic applications ? I do not mean using TCP/IP services from Classic, but actually being able to access the modem hardware to establish an application level connection. My problem is that I would like to be able to send a...