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    Here is my frikkin problem!

    Oh sorry for you... but we have been waiting for more than ten years for that one , so please RESPECT... and by the way, please stop being so capitalistic, that time only if you want, but you will really appreciate OS X and you should not angry yourselves so much since it is only a beta and...
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    TCP/IP don't apply my settings...

    I did not type the infos in the setup... I took everything afterwards.and it worked fine, so I would look a different way. Try directly lauching PPP Conect.
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    Why is MacOs X PB so slow

    Yes , and by the way I don t think the problem resides in the RAM....I have a G4 192 mgs and I promise you it is as slow as yours...The thing I can see is that it is already increadibly stable....YEEEESSS..and UNIX in it maaaaan - But the fact that OsX is in debug mode means everything.... be...
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    MacOsX password

    This is a bug ... definitely ... I did enter a last and first name and did enter a pass....when asked to logon there was no such user ... whoooa. moreover I did setup my keyboard as a swiss french and it did not considered that either...... I had to format everything (hard disk) because...