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    iBook G4 Lscreen latch

    I have a g4 ibook that just the other day the latch that holds the screen closed fell out. Has anyone been able to fix this issue?
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    iMovie '08 a huge disappointment!

    I find amusing to read posts by people who obviously did no research on what they were buying. Jobs in the announcement of iMovie 7, talked about the inspiration of the new version being that it took far to long to get a video created. The original intent of iMovie was not to get a pro...
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    Apple Keynotes

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    Picturemate printer not printing

    I ran the installer from epson. It sees the printer and I can send a picture to it. It just goes right to a stopped state. She can still print fine to the laser printer.
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    Picturemate printer not printing

    I have a epson picturemate that when hooked up to my g5 running 10.4.6 it works perfectly. My GF has an iBook also running 10.4.6, i connect the printer to that and will not print. If you try to print it sends the job and then the printer goes into stopped. I even hooked the printer to my g5...
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    Green lines through bars and games

    I have a dual 2.0 g5 and a ATI 9800 Pro Mac Special Edition 256mb pushing a 24" dell screen
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    Green lines through bars and games

    I noticed that i have these green lines sometimes running through my title bars and background. i especially see it while playing world of warcraft, where a lot of the backgrounds have green lines running through them...
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    Mac iPod freezes when connected to PC

    so I can't even charge it on my PC? Also I thought that with FAT32 had a size limit of 32gig?
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    Mac iPod freezes when connected to PC

    I have a G5 at home that my iPod is synched to. At work though I have a PC laptop, I would like to be able to plug in my ipod at work, mainly to able to charge when i forget to do it the night before. When I plug it in though I connect it and it immediately freezes, when i unplug it I have to...
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    apple extreme BS - nat but no dhcp

    Is it possible to use a Apple Extreme Base Station with NAT but not use the DHCP server. I have a windows domain that is handing out addresses. I still want the BS to perform NAT just not hand out addresses. This seems like a pretty standard thing but does not seem possible.
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    keep folders in sync

    I have and external drive that I want to use for backup purposes. I want to be able to have a copy of a folder on the backup drive and keep it in sync with the original folder.
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    ibook connecting WPA but no IP address

    I have an iBook g4 that I have been trying to get to connect to a D-link wireless router. I can connect to it but I am not able to get an IP address. It will not even connect to the router using WPA2. If I specify an address everything seems to work fine... The strange thing is that my g5 can...
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    Get files using single user mode

    I am having some troubles with my iBook. I can get it to boot into single user mode but thats about it. My question is that I can see all of my files on the hard drive, is there any way to copy those off to somewhere while in single user mode?
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    Controlling sound volume

    It seems that my mac chooses what device to control the volume for arbitrarily. I have a usb head set that is plugged in and sometimes the main sound gets pumped through those so I go to the sound control panel app and set output to line out. Then sounds come out of the speakers except that...
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    Best FTP software for OS X

    I really like Yummy FTP, its the only os x ftp client that comes close to the functionality i was getting on flashfxp on the windows side
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    Apple Keynotes

    Well if anyone can give me some places to look I would appreciate it. thanks
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    Apple Keynotes

    Is there anywhere that I can download the old keynotes from '97 - present? Or if anyone has them that I can download from?
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    DVR-109 and Finder Burning

    Has anyone had any problems after installing a DVR-109 and burning within finder? If I create a burn folder and drop stuff in there and click the burn button it tells me that i need to put in a blank cd but there is one in there. Everything else seems to work fine, itunes, toast, etc..
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    thats all i was looking for, i like just checking out whats new.