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    IRC Client

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    First new iMac images ??

    open the pic in photoshop, and look in only the blue channel it contains the word 'fake'
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    Firms preying on fear?

    secunia has been issuing advisory's to just about anything from x86 toilet seats to airplane board computers. It is a solid company. Just accept that now Apple has entered de unix arena, it WILL have it's fair share of exploits. In OS7/8/9, the hacks were mostly located in 3rd party apps (anyone...
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    iBook Logic Board Issues Acknowledged!

    Way to go Apple ? Good to see something done finaly, but .... I beg to differ on the " way to go " part. it took (again) a lot of public pressure and threads with lawsuits to *force* apple into admitting a problem even exists. There are numerous website over the web detailing the problem...
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    HELP I'm getting RUINED!

    if that time is in seconds, i.e. 100 seconds, it should be fine. Given the very short calls it still looks like login failures to me. You have a specified bill, does it include times ? were you unable to use internet at any time, and are at those times short calls listed ? or, if it is a...
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    HELP I'm getting RUINED!

    dial on demand does not commonly generate such short calls unless you specificaly programmed the router to close within seconds of inactivity. Only failed calls which are retried cause 10-20 seconds call. Repeating internet activity like dns, sntp (time), spyware etc etc should cause the...
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    HELP I'm getting RUINED!

    Such short calls usualy indicate the router is unable to login. (the connection IS established for a few seconds). The connection is made, login is attempted, fails, and the router disconnects. The router will retry the dialup a number of times. best way to go is to check a) if you can...
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    IRC Client

    thanks for all the feedback, going to dl/try a few :)
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    IRC Client

    Getting a bit tired of text-based BitchX, what would you guys say is a state of the art irc client for osx ?
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    5% of all Windows installs crash 2 or more times a day?

    the 5% number is quite useless, since it seems to include both the OS and the applications. There are more then enough crapy OSX applications that can be crashed when pushed a little. A fine example is iMovie 3. While editing a full day with iMovie 2 never yielded crashes, importing long streams...
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    Apple to sell movies online?

    "it's nog gonna happen?" of course it is gonna happen ! the only question is when. 5 years ago music over the net was almost unthinkable, now it is only logical. Much software is purchased and downloaded over the internet. Harddrives double in size at least each year, and the current cable...
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    More support for Apple Int. customers!! (petition link)

    if you start itunes (i am in holland) the app itsself specificaly states that i can not buy music unless i have a billing address in the US. since the app's message is pretty much in my face every time i start itunes, and i HAVE an address of a friend in the states, i'd say i pretty much comply.
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    "Real releases digital media source code"

    media cleaner 5 pro can convert from and to real, wmv and qt formats
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    If You're a Gamer...

    Turn it anyway you want, but for any serious online gamer a pc is the only way. I own 3 macs, and a dual processor Xeon PC just for gaming. Life is perfect :)
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    iBook G4?

    w00t.... i did not even know my iBook HAD a fan till this thread....
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    who hijacked macslash??

    same here, .com goes to astinking commercial, .net is not avaiable. Let's all give some feedback on de commercial page like: I hope you realize that de domain, formaly a respected news site, now hijacked and pointing to your site is going to give you're company a...
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    anyone seen the rackmount yet?

    My first post was incomplete, i meant to point attention to the GVS9000 rackmount from terrasoft, which does run macosx. soz.
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    anyone seen the rackmount yet? nice os, nice rackmounts too
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    request- A OS X newsgroup?

    basically, if a major internet provider adds your nerwsgroup, all other majoprs and minors will automaticaly have it added to there servers. The best approach would be to contact the helpdesk of your isp and see it they want to add it.