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    macbook battery preservation off long term

    hello i just got my macbook in may this year, did the calibration of the battery thing only run/charge it on ac power when the battery meter has dropped to 1% or less (unless running stuff over night) but now i will be going away for several months, and won't be able to take my macbook...
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    anything like k3b (dvd burning software)?

    hi all at the moment, i'm just using burn/finder to burn data to dvd's but i find it quite limiting when i only have say 2gb of data to burn and i can't continue the session later is there anything remotely like k3b (on linux) or even cdburnerxp (on windows) for the mac (leopard)? by...
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    configuring php with mysql problem

    hi all i've searched the web and have seen people with similar problems, but no real solutions i'm just a newbie with macs, but have had a few years experience using linux servers (nothing advanced but enough to get by) i've installed mysql (64 bit) from the dmg provided by (5.051...