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    Got my iPod

    Can I have one? :D
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    should i go for 384 or 640? for RAM! I got 512 MB for 44 bucks...
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    iTunes 2 CPU usage

    iTunes 2 is supposed to use less CPU than iTunes under OS X, right? When I run top it's using about 30% of my CPU consistently. Could this be because I'm using a G3, not a G4. Anyone else notice this?:confused:
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    What does the iDisappoint (iPod) do for Apple financially?

    I dont' see why everyone's whining. It's a capitalist system, the people who can afford the novelty of the iPod will buy it, the rest of us will have to wait a few more months for something a little bit cheaper to come out. I don't know why everyone's whining though, Apple is known for...
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    Audio brings OS X 10.1 to a crashing halt

    That's odd. I have an iMac DV SE 400 with 256 MB of RAM as well. I've had no problems with audio. iTunes is a drain on my system, but I've NEVER had a crash with iTunes running and listening to music. I use Monsoon mm1000's instead of the iMac's speakers though, they sound much better ;) I...
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    OsX on a 333mhz imac? They sell RAM for cheap and it's good. I think the going price for a 512 MB chip for an iMac is abut 55 dollars, which seems pretty damn good to me...:)
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    Office X Gm

    I installed off of a .dmg. I've been having no problems, running every single program in the suite with absolutely no crashes... btw, I'm running beta 1218.
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    when X is independent from Classic?

    Ummmmm....X has a system folder. Just thought I'd poin this out to you...
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    Office X Gm

    Why don't you upload it to macavenger's server? I don't have the address offhand but he's got an FTP server running, all you have to do is get in touch with him. Hope this helps. If the beta I'm using is any indication of what we're going to get I can't wait... :)
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    Office X Gm

    If you have it why don't you upload it, I'd love to give that a shake down. :D
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    Office X Gm

    I would really like to try the latest build. If anyone would be willing to allow me to download it I would appreciate them emailing me. Thanks.
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    Unreal Tournament Preview for OS X!!!

    Unreal Tournament for X crashes my system every time I run it. I have to do a cold reboot. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm running an iMac DV SE 400 MHZ, 256 MB RAM. Thanks.
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    Printer does not work in 10.1!

    I have it set up through USB. I've tried everything. I'm just going to wait for the updated driver to come out.
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    Printer does not work in 10.1!

    The problem is that there are no drivers for this printer on the 10.1 CD. Can anyone tell me where on the CD they would be?
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    Printer does not work in 10.1!

    Please, does anyone have any idea. It seems like it starts to spool data to my printer, the data light comes on for a split second and then I get an error message. I have not been able to print a single thing. This is really starting to bother me. Has anyone else had any problems printing? Could...
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    Printer does not work in 10.1!

    I have a Brother HL-1240. Under OS 10.04 it printed just fine. However, ever since I have set up 10.1, it does not print. I get error 1003 every single time I try to print, from any application. This is getting really annoying. Everything about the OS except for this is perfect. Any help would...
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    Macavenger about your FTP...

    I've had no problems installing off of the image from Macavenger's site. Make sure you are NOT mounting the image before you burn it and you should be fine. And use Toast, it won't work any other way....
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    Macavenger... your FTP

    I would like to get in touch with you about downloading 10.1. I was almost done with the download when I got booted from your server. Thanks a bunch.