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    Burn iTunes movies (m4v) to DVD's

    I am wondering if there is a legal way to burn movies purchased from iTunes onto DVD's. I have some movies that I would also like to watch on my TV without having to hook my computer or ipod up to it. Any suggestions?
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    Printing issues with To Do lists in iCal

    I am having issues trying to print from the regular dialog box in iCal. I wanted to print out my To Dos for the day but I keep getting these weird URL links that I don't want. ● To Do Items Technology Specialist log sheet or notes to make sure bldg goals being met URL...
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    I wondered if anyone knows where I could get a copy of PhotoBooth. I have a new PB g4 -- bought just before the MacBooks came out. I have an iSight camera too. Thanks Algebraman
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    Dashboard widgets

    I have been having trouble using widgets that are games etc. that have the Unity icon. Do I need to install/update something so they work? Thanks
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    XPlane Crash

    I have been having trouble trying to run XPlane 7 and 8 on my powerbook G4. The program crashes in the middle of loading. I have tried XPlane support but they don't seem to have an answer. Any one have something to try?
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    Itunes And Slim Server

    I have a slim devices mp3 streamer. I hate having to burn purchased m4p songs from iTunes on CD's and reimport them into iTunes as mp3s. Does anyone know of a shortcut? thanks algebraman