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    iTunes Update:-(

    I have just upgraded the iTunes software and to my horror the Genius sidebar says "this computer is not authorised to play" some of my music and want me to log on to itunes with a password etc. !!! I dont want this... Just want to play the music on my MacBook. HELP!!! Happy Christmas!
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    GIMP Brushes

    How do you download/install more brushes on to GIMP? I need the following brushes: 378 abstract vector brushes courtesy PAULW at DeviantART vector foliage brushes by ObsidianDawn splatter brushes by ka05 galaxies brushes by Sunira abstract brushes by r0man-de Would greatly appreciate...
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    Help with Gimp & X11

    I have a MacBook, 2,1 OS X 10.4.11 with all the software updates. When I try to install X11 it says "cannot download as newer version installed". I have downloaded Gimp, dragged it over to "Applications" and the installation asks for X11 "where is X11?" and I cannot find it! What do...