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    P.N.03 for GCN.

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    Cat Command.

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    Backup software.

    Hey everyone. :) I got a bit of a question for ya. I got some Mac/PC software thats starting to show its ware. (I wish Ram disks were a standard in the industry) So I wanted to ask if there may be a way to create and burn backup copies of my software with "Disk Utilities"? Now I legally own...
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    Where's my copy?

    Well when you make a copy of a image, you need to paste it somewhere. Anytime you make a copy of something in Mac OS X (hold the Ctrl, click on something and select copy) its stored on what's called the "clipboard". The clipboard is nothing more then the name of a action the computer performs...
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    Oddly in most cases, you have to buy something that'll record your voice. VersionTracker has a nice list of programs you can check out here. I would recommend though that if your looking to buy something, upgrade your QuickTime player to QuickTime Pro. It gives you voice recording abilities as...
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    Bogus PC site

    Funny thing is I find this site easier to navigate through then Apple's. Go figure. Anyway, has anyone actually found a price on these Machines? I'm curious to what they are charging but I can't find that info.
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    What I wish the ROKR was like.

    Larger view: Its got a simple design, clam shelled to be compact, it's white and looks more like a snazzy MP3 player then a phone. When compared to the Rokr...
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    What about the ibook

    The iBook G3 my mother purchased was a complete lemon. It was repaired a good 9 times under the single year she owned it. When it wasn't at the Apple shop the screen was turning purple, ghost-ing up, ect. Finally I called Apple about it when it died its 10th time. I was on the phone with them...
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    WMV Done Right, by Microsoft!

    I'm wondering though. Why would M$ even offer this to us? Did they buy out the company that made it or something?
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    What about the ibook

    I don't think a lot of people would be interested in paying $2000 for a Apple laptop though. There needs to be a iBook. Its the every day consumer laptop for Apple users. I seen more students with iBooks then I have PowerBooks. (3 students had iBooks. A teach had the PowerBook) Even if its not...
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    iPod Shuffle to be discontinued/repaced in january?

    I also think their prices just need to be lowered. I was thinking of giving one away for christmas but its just to much for so little.
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    Microsoft and xbox What are they doing??

    Either way, the launch happen with much excitement. Pretty different compared to how it went down in the U.S Where people were shot down in the parking lots for their console..
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    Microsoft and xbox What are they doing??

    Exactly. The shortage of consoles is a hype ploy. For example there is no shortage in Japan right now because the Japanese are not crazy about the console. A mater of fact, its not selling at all and M$ sold less then they hopped they would.
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    Good Bye eMac?

    I personally will miss the eMacs. They were great all in one machines. For the cost of a top of the line Mac Mini, you could have gotten a eMac with the same/similar specs but also had a crisp monitor, good speakers, ect. It was the idealistic switcher and everyday home user computer. Now we...
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    Mac Mini to become a digital hub?

    I would love a Apple DVR. I hope it has wifi support too or something so that it can broadcast to other macs or even accept veido/picture feed from one to display on the TV.
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    Apple Blue Screen of death.

    I just got back from town and no one has anything Firewire but a PC to Printer cable. Do I have any other options of am I doomed to reinstall and loss everything recent?
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    Apple Blue Screen of death.

    I'll need to look online then and see if I can't find the steps on how to do that then.
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    Apple Blue Screen of death.

    Is this possible using a Ethernet cable or do I need to purchase a firewire?
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    Apple Blue Screen of death.

    Oh ok. No biggy. I had to run fsck two times and then when everything was ok, I rebooted. But sadly there is no change in how the computer starts up. After mac OS X loads, I'm taken to the same blue screen with only a mouse censor to move and no keyboard short cuts to use.
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    Apple Blue Screen of death.

    I type in fsck -y and I get the following: fsck_hfs: Volume is journaled. No checking performed. fsck_hfs: Use the -f option to force checking. Loccalhost:/ root#