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    iTunes 2.0.3!!

    Unfortunately it broke iTunes Tool 1.4.2 but this will hopefully be fixed in an update in the near future.
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    Carracho Servers READ THIS

    BBenve, could you post the URL to that story?
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    How do I get out of military time?!?!? Help!

    Exact same thing happened to me (even said it was still on 12-hour time), thanks.
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    login as root user, how?

    Very helpful. Thanks.
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    Broadband is fast on Windows? WHY?

    Is rendering HTML a floating-point intensive CPU activity? As 3D games have shown, floating point is one place where an x86 processor kicks PPC's butt, even at around the same mhz (magnifying the effect when the x86 is 1.5 to 2 times the mhz of the PPC). Maybe it's more of a hardware...
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    SNOOD (mac os x version)

    I just play Bust-a-Move with SNES9X in OS X. It's the same game, just in SNES form.
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    More Evidence for Slowness of X

    Giants is a very demanding game. Even my friend's 1.2 ghz Athlon with a GeForce 3 gets choppy in it sometimes. And mhz for mhz, PCs are faster at the floating-point math computations that are used in 3D games, so this says a lot.
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    Getting DVD Player...

    I installed OS 10.1 on my beige G3 before I had a PCI Radeon. I assume that it checked my hardware during installation and saw that there weren't any DVD-capable video cards, so it didn't install DVD Player. Now that I do have a PCI Radeon, how can I get DVD Player without reinstalling the...
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    USB Speakers on USB PCI card

    Well it turns out that it does work in OS 10.1 (I finally had the courage to flash my Voodoo5 to PC, disabling it, and install OS X), so there must be a quirk in 9.2.1 that is keeping it from working. Just for the record, what I was trying to connect wasn't exactly a pair USB speakers, but...
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    USB Speakers on USB PCI card

    I cannot run OS X because my Voodoo5 causes it to freeze during startup. This is a very annoying incompatibility, but considering the fact that most of the stuff I do doesn't work or doesn't have an equivalent yet in X, I'm not overwhelmingly disappointed. I don't know if the speakers worked...
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    USB Speakers on USB PCI card

    I have a beige G3/500 running 9.2.1 with a PCI USB card. Is there any way for me to get USB Audio to work on my machine? Every other USB device has not had a problem with my computer, but for some reason USB audio refuses to work. If I look in Apple System Profiler it says that it sees the...
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    Installing X from a partition?

    I cannot get OS X to boot off its CD on my rev. B beige G3 (it boots and installs fine on a slot-load DVD iMac) so I was wondering what the process was to install X from the cd copied to an hard disk partition. How is it accomplished, and will I be able to boot from a partition if I cannot boot...
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    You're using gnutar not tar right? Tar limits the filenames to around 12 characters or something -- not long enough for .app to appear, so the OS doesn't recognize the files correctly.
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    Quake3, Voodoo2, & Black Screen

    My setup is: Beige G3 300 (rev a with rev c rom), built-in RageII+ (ugh), 2 Voodoo2s in SLI, 288mb ram. I know that Omni has developed Voodoo2 drivers, an OpenGL component for these drivers, and Q3, all for OS X. On their website they imply that this combination would work for playing Q3...
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    SNES9X under MacOSX PB That's a new version (1.3a) that works well in X for me. Also there is a sound fix.
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    AOL Instant Messenger

    To expand stuff (that's in .tar.gz or some deriative) I generally find it's easiest for now to use the terminal. FOR NEWBIES:Just open the terminal, and "cd ~/" to the folder where the downloaded file is. To do this, first type "ls" to show the folders within the base level of the drive...