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    multihome and routing?

    Hi, I was wondering if I can multi-home my NIC and route between the networks? I know I could route between *two* NICs using BrickHouse to set it up, and I know I can set up multi-homing using the Network prefs. But I dont know how to route between two networks on one interface. Why...
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    PCM/CIA Ehternet cards?

    Does anyone knoe if PCM/CIA Ethernet cards will work under OSX? I have a Xircom 10/100 card that I'd like to use on G4 PB. I hope I can get it working, i dont think Xircom will ever make drivers for it. I was hoping I could just plug it in and it would appear as a network port... :)...
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    IP address from MAC address?

    Hi, Im not sure if this question belongs here. But anyway.... IP address from MAC address? Im guessing there must be some unix tool to do this, but I cant seem to find any info on one. The reason I need it is that I have an ethernet switch for which I know the MAC address. And the...
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    trash: bug? feature?

    I havent checked it out fully yet, but.... If you move something into the trash and then move it out of the trash but onto another volume, it just moves it. It doesnt copy it. But it does remove it from its original place. Does my description make sense? I dont think it does, I...
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    Security? file://

    Hi, If I type "file://<myIP#>" into my web browser it displays a list of my local files. Im assuming anyone else could view my files too whilst I am online. I dont have another Mac to check it on. Does anyone know how to stop it doing this? thanks, spike.
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    2 httpd processes?

    Hi, Why do I have 2 httpd processes? One owned by root, the other by www. Is this normal? I've been messing about trying to get it to work with PHP and MYSql and reinstalled a few times so i may have messed it up. Also how do I check that I have DSO support enabled? Im kinda new...
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    linux vs OSX performance comparissons?

    Hi, Does anybody have any Linux vs OSX performance comparissons? The reason I ask is: a) Everybody seems to moan how slow OSX is, but most of that seems to be moans about the gui. I'd like to know how quick it is as, oh say, a web server or file server. b) My buddy, who is a big Linux...
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    memory useage?!

    Does anyone know why Terminal for instance takes up so much RAM? If i run top in the terminal window it reports that Terminal is taking up 13.8M RSIZE and 61.0M VSIZE. This seems pretty huge to me just for a terminal app. Anyone know whats going on there? thanks, Alex
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    User Groups?

    Ok, I give up. How do you configure groups in OSX? I cant find a gui for it, and groupmod doesnt work in the cli. There are groups built in; wheel, staff, admin etc.. But how do you add users to them? Am i just being really dumb here and missing something something obvious? Or...