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    Need mail data restoration help

    I had my hard drive replaced under Applecare because of a defect in the drive. While I was able to pull most of the data, I'm not familiar with reconstructing my mailbox accounts. I believe I have the information to reconstructh the mailboxes ~ I need some directions as to how to do this. And...
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    Harware issues - boot process diagnosis

    Typing Command S in OS X allows one to view the boot process. My Wallstreet has essentially been rendered useless, as it only boots to the point where Ethernet comes up on the screen. See below: Ethernet (BMac): Polled transmit timeout -2 Ethernet (BMac): Link up at 10 Mbps - Half Duplex...
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    OS 10.2.5 FP Imac System freezing - a new Mother of all problems (to me at least)

    My Flatpanel original 700mhz machine is freezing every time I start it up. It all started with the OS upgrade to 10.2. I've tried everything from DiskWarrior to Norton to the Disk Utility. I've even checked the ram in OS 9 with a memory tester. The memory checks out as ok. I have 10.1.5 on a...
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    The mother of all OS X problems

    I'm at my wit's end. My powerbook g3, complete with its repaired and now broken again hinges is definitely on its last legs. It had a kernel panic yesterday. So, I pulled out my trusty Diskwarrior application, ran it through its paces, but hey! It didn't work. I ran Norton, no positive results...
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    The application Safari has unexpectantly quit

    I get the message "The application Safari has unexpectantly quit" message, whenever I attempt to start it up. Its happened to me since I downloaded the new version of quicktime. I've used Apple Disk Utility, Diskwarrior and Norton to take care of other issues, but so far haven't been able to get...
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    Will Bluetooth pcmcia cards work in a Jaguar OS computer?

    TDK and Motorola are selling Bluetooth pcmcia cards. Has anyone had any experiences with using these cards on a Jaguar equipped Macintosh? It looks like a good fit for Wallstreet computers and also for I and Ti books. Are drivers available?
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    Wallstreet - From bad to worse

    It started out rather innocently. For some reason my backspace button stopped functioning properly on my Wallstreet. So i did the usual fsck -y to determine if I had some errorls on my hard drive. It was then I discovered I couldn't do a reboot to even do this check, although the machine...
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    Jaguar upgrade install

    I just got the $19.95 version of Jaguar upgrade. I have a few questions which I'm hoping can be answered prior to installing it. First, I don't have the archive and install upgrade option, so I understand I need to do my own backup. In any case, does this installer retain old files such as my...
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    In Jaguar is Appletalk really gone? Is there a solution for using Laserwriter printer

    So, you folks with Jaguar installed - is Appletalk really gone? If so, how can I use my lusty-trusty-rusty Laserwriter IIg? Is there a workaround solution?
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    An external DVD rom solution

    My employer purchased for my use a flat panel iMac. I only thought I could justify the lower end model. Fortunately, I'm very please with the low end machine nonetheless. I just need to bump my ram up from the measily 128 megs that was included. I had hopes of being able to attach by Firewire...
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    OS 10.1 MS Word demo - is printing disabled?

    I have used and like very much the MS Word demo for OS 10.1 - except for one thing.... it won't print. Is printing disabled in this demo version? If so its a lousy idea. How can one appreciate it if you can't see the total product?:mad:
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    Firewire drive won't appear on Desktop with 10.1 install

    Since installing 10.1 on my PB G3 Wallstreet, I am unable to mount my Firewire drive on the desktop. Anyone experienced similar problem? Any solutions?
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    OS 10.1 installation problems

    Aside from the installation process of the 10.1 upgrade taking a very long time, the upgrade is all that I could expect and more! The response and overall performance on my Wallstreet 300 is nothing short of tremendous! That being said, and I want to emphasize the overall satisfaction with...
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    Burning 10.1 on Windows machine

    I have the OS 10.1 updater image on my machine -thanks to a fellow MacOSX.commer. I'd like to have a friend burn it on his Windows machine. I recall seeing a thread on this issue but can't find it. Two questions; How do I transfer the image file to the Windows machine? and what is the...
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    OK, so who has really posted the free updater for OS 10.1 for download?

    A person cannot drive into Juneau, Alaska, nor can one drive out. (Unless, you count the state ferry) Unfortunately, Apple has not thought of our community insofar as sending the OS 10.1 updater. Neither of our dealers was sent the free disks. It would be greatly appreciated if someone...
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    Russian language support and Cyrillic fonts

    All this seems unimportant at the moment..... I'll ask the question anyway. I need Cyrillic fonts for OS X. Can anyone tell me where I might find them? I just assumed that they'd be available on the OS. Is there a Russian language installation. I can find nothing on Apple's website that is...
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    Diskwarrior repair questions

    I have what seems to be all to often, the occassion to repair my OS X volume with Diskwarrior. When it completes its task, I'm messaged that I now have rescued files. When I look at those files they are named inodes. Can anyone tell me what inodes are? What do they do? What should I do with...