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    Speed up the mouse in 10.1!

    Thanks for the awesome tip! One problem that I note is that it doesn't seem to work with my G3 FW Powerbook. On my G4 everything works just fine...the Logitech mouseman wheel mouse runs across the screen in record time! However, with my G3 laptop, I have a USB mouse (Inland) plugged...
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    Java in 10.1

    I've installed OS 10.1 but Java seems to be having trouble w/ drawing to the screen. I had the same problem w/ 10.0.4, which was resolved w/ patching the developer pre-release (I forget which version). Now that 10.1 was installed over 10.0.4, I get the same trouble as I had before. I...
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    Change File Mapping

    Trouble w/ deleting my old SimpleText is that I've applied a great patch (called SimpleTextColor or something to that effect). This patch gives find/replace and supports color for SimpleText. I still use this application when I'm in OS9. However, I'd like to have OSX default to this new...
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    Change File Mapping

    Is there any way to change the File Mapping in OSX? Its annoying to launch Classic just because of a SimpleText document. There must be an easy way to do this, but no one in IRC knows how. Help!
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    Keyboard Shortcuts

    I've been trying to find a way to change the shortcuts from the keyboard. It's INSANE that Apple has changed the cmd-N from New Folder to New Finder Window. This shortcut has been w/ Mac OS since....well since the beginning. Beyond the sacrilege, it's damned annoying. Is there any way...
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    Using my third mouse button?

    Good question. I've been looking for the same solution for some time as well. I wonder if there is a unix way of doing this...I imagine it'll involve hacking the mouse driver in OSX.