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    How will Classic work in the Final?

    One question I have, that I haven't seen an answer for is: Currently to run the Classic Env. in OSX you have to have OS9 on the same drive. However, when OSX Final is released and preinstalled on Mac Hardware will both OSX and OS9 be installed on Macs to enable the Classic Env. or will Apple...
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    Help with IE please!

    Can you download IE 5.5 for OS X somewhere or can you reinstall just that app from the CD. The Quicktime plug-in won't load and I know it's IE because quicktime runs fine in iCab. Thanks for your help!
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    READ THIS-if Classic won't start

    I've read a few topics on this site about trouble open classic within OS X. I was having the exact same problem. I tried turning off all extensions and that didn't work either. I originally had OS 9 when I got my computer and downloaded 9.0.4 from Apple when it was released. I was about...