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    SSL Configuration (plus other simple questions)

    I used 10 minutes using this guide. You will however have to download a full version of OpenSSL just for the script. For some strange reason they didn't include it with the OS X build (you don't need anything else except the sign script). Here's the instructions I used...
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    Typically it was the most obvoius choice. Under one of the pulldown menus (not sitting on my Powerbook at the mo so don't have it in front of me) in the terminal app, you will find the preferences option for the programme. Go into the preferences and one one the optiuons is Emulation. Here...
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    Duh. :-( Ever have one of those days? I just took another look at the preferences for emacs and there is an option under emulation to switch on the ALT key as the ESCAPE sequence generator key Happy productivity :-)
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    Yeah I know. But the ESCAPE version sucks big time. Especially when you have to do combinations when you have to hold down both META key and ctrl or shift etc. The ALT key IS a META key, the only problem is that Emacs still doesn't recognize it as a META key. The only reason we have to use...
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    Is it just me or does Emacs not recognise the "alt" key on the Mac? I'm using the 500Mhz Powerbook with Norwegian keyboard but that shouldn't make any difference ALT is always ALT. This is a major drawback in Emacs as anyone that has used it knows that it uses the ctrl and alt keys for all...
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    Other Language keyboard support in the terminal

    Been using OS X since the early Rhapsody DR2 in 98 but I'm still waiting for my BETA from Apples Developer Connection. The biggest frustration with the Developer Releases was trying to configure the Terminal application to accept a Norwegian Keyboard. anybody know if I can do it using...