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    not open SQLite database in iPhone device

    Hello all, I used SQLite database.It is open when i run code in iPhone simulator mode. But when i run same code on iPhone device mode it is not open or it is not found come. Thank you..
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    invalid receiver type 'CFTyperef'

    Hello all, I am newbie in cocoa.I am doing coding in cocoa touch. I try code; CFTypeRef address; NSString *street = address objectForKey:(NSString*)kABPersonAddressStreetKey; I get the output but it give me warning:invalid receiver type 'CFTypeRef'. Thank you...
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    warning for ABMultiValueCreateMutable

    Hello all, I am add label for emaiaddress,address,etc.It is work or Home label in iPhone simulator contacts. I write ABMutableMultiValueRef multiValue = ABMultiValueCreateMutable(kABHomeLabel); It create label but, It give me warnig:passing argument 1 of 'ABMultiValueCreateMutable' makes...
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    How to set text on image

    Hi, I am coding in cocoa touch.I am set table view and after that i set image in table view cell.For that i use cell.image = UIImage imageNamed:@"asdf.png"; Now i want to set text on image. Thank you..
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    How to get object type

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    How to get object type

    Hello, I want to know the object type in cocoa. Suppose object (id) is consider in which i store string,int,etc.. But i want to know the type of (id). Thank you...
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    How to relase NSDictionary

    Hello all, I am coding in cocoa for iPhone simulator. I used.. for(int i = 0 ; i < 5 ; i++) { [menuList addObject: [NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys: @"sdf",kTitleKey, @"sfs",kExplainKey, @"dgd",kWebKey, @"sdfsf",kPublishDateKey, nil]]; } Now when i run code then i get...
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    Sync Services for iCal

    Hello all, I want to make Sync Services for iCal.Currently i want to read the changes in iCal using Sync Service.please give an idea about this... Thank you...
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    how to add url in iCal

    Hello, I am doing programming cocoa application.I add task in iCal.But i want to add url in task from code.I try task.url= @"gjgjh" but it is not done. Thank you...
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    Install MAC OS

    Hi, I install MAC OS in my PC. I beginner in this. I am working in cocoa application.I see apple video for create code.But one thing i get different interface builder. In video interface builder contain instance,class,image,sound,nib panel But in my interface builder there is not any panel...