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    First Post! nyah nyah don't expect much in terms of OpenGL speed. it's slower than OS 9 by a longshot.
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    First Post! nyah nyah just a sexy multitasking photo on my dual G4.
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    Dual processor speed

    i gave my dual G4 500 machine a run for the money and did a test to see just how good OS X could multitask on a dual: -unstuffed huge file while running an mp3 player a large sorenson compressed movie in the background on loop and booted up Quake while downloading 5 files in
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    Unsupported higher monitor resolutions

    I'm losing my mind trying to figure out how to get the PB to give me the option to run my 19" monitor at the max res [1600x1200] that works fine in OS 9. anyone have a solution? i've tried to uncheck the 'recommended modes' but nothing works.