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    WEIRD - Explain this one ??!!

    OK heres the story ..... My sister in law called me this weekend and asked me to come over and check out this new computer (New to her) that she found sitting at the dumpster. Said it was an iMac and wanted me to come check it out and make sure everything worked. So I go over to the house...
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    Copy printer settings from one Mac to another??

    Can someone provide details on how to do this if its possible? Have a client in a design firm that got a new computer, used migration tool to get the new mac set up, however printer settings were not transfered. ( Was not previously aware of this limitation ) This user has about 8...
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    VPN Issue - Split Tunneling?

    I have a client that has an OS X Server( 10.3.9 ) with VPN set up. They can connect just fine to the VPN from home. Problem is when connected to the VPN from home, they can no longer surf the internet or retrieve email, until they close the VPN session. Its my understanding that IP...
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    OS X Setup Assistant - for G4???

    Is it possible to get the OS X Setup Assistant ( With the migration feature ) to install on a G4? I am speaking of the firewire transfer settings Setup Assistant that comes with the new G5's ( Running 10.3.4 or higher ) and also comes with Tiger. The G4's I want to install and run this on is...
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    Mac wont finish booting - magnifying glass icon only !

    Quicksilver, tiger installed. User accidentally unplugged the unit while it was in use. Now upon restart, the computer hangs at the desktop background. Desktop items do not appear, and no menu bar either. Only thing that does appear is a small blue and white icon of a magnifying glass...
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    Tablet Pc Vs Mac Conundrum

    A friend posed the following question ..... "I have been using an Acer Travelmate Tablet PC for 2 years and have experienced excellent usage in tablet mode. One of the main applications I use is the Franklin Covey Tablet Planner which syncs with MS Outlook. However, I am considering...
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    G3 400mhz - RAM question.

    G3 400 mhz 4 available slots. Specs page states that it uses PC100 and max ram is 1GB Does this mean I can not use 512 chips? Will the G3 recognize a 512 chip? If it does, then why isnt the max ram 2GB? Or will it not go above 1gb even if I use 3x512 chips? Problem is the G3...
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    Spinning BeachBall-o-Death on startup ....

    System is 10.3.9, 1gb ram G4 quicksilver. Had been getting slow and slower on startup ( According to the user ) up to 5 mins on a restart till desktop was active. Installed AutomountMaker ( on this and 15 other OSX workstations. All...
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    10.3.9 Server - Permission problems.

    I have a OS X 10.3.9 server set up with about 20-25 users. All unique log in's and with the correct groups set up for each department. The problem I am having is when one of the users creates a new folder in a shared directory, none of the other users can access the new folders files. Cant...
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    Print Issues.

    I originally posted this in the system software, because it has to do with Printer Setup Utility, but after submitting I thought that it might have more relevance here. I wont post the thread again, but will link the URL.
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    Printer Setup Utility error message - cant set up printer.

    Not sure if this belongs here, or in the Hardware & Peripherals forum, but here goes. Epson R300 connected to G4 iBook via USB.( Not mine, friends machine ) Printer(s) stopped working a few weeks back. Multiple printers for various locations. ( Home, Office, travel, etc.) Printers...
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    250 GB drive reporting only 128GB :-(

    Yes I have looked this up, and found out about the "barrier" SO....... the SIIG UltraATA 133/100 PCI card was purchased and installed, to try and break the barrier. But no luck. The drive will still only report as 128GB in Drive Utilities. G4 400 Mhz 768 Ram 250 GB Western Digital HD...
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    Suitcase Server / Font Reserve Server

    Can someone explain to me the differences between the two? Why would I want one over the other? Why the two products when they seem to do the same thing?
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    AirPort Extreme as a router - issue, need help.

    I am using attempting to use an Airport extreme as a router, but am experiencing some difficulty. Cable modem is connected to Airport Extreme, and APE is connected to switch. Switch is hard wired to AP graphite downstairs. G3 downstairs connects to AP graphite with no problems. What I want...