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    Show .app extension? How?!

    Cool, it seems to work. I have a couple questions, though. Could you explain what this does? What's that lil' bit o' perl changing? I'd like to make a little prefs pane wrapper to provide this function.
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    Show .app extension? How?!

    I like seeing file extensions, and I want my Cocoa apps to have the proper .app extension. I poked around in plists, but I found nothing. Before I grep everyfile in my system for ".app", anybody know a clear path to my goal?
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    NeXT Interface

    I was in the middle of a NeXT theme for 10.0.4. As soon as I get my G3 back up (mysterious problems..) and get my 10.1 update installed, and the theme fixed up, it'll be released.. I have a NeXT icon set on
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    The world is X Crazy

    I don't think that has anything to do with OS X. Saabs have been 9 something or other since 1949. Makes sense for an "experimental" "concept" car to have an "X" moniker. That's the way it is. Hopefully, the "X" in OS X will go away after it's proven itself beyond experimentation.
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    Rhapsody mockup shot, circa 1997

    I much prefer the DP3 dock to what we have now.. Although, through the early development process I was gunning for a dock more or less true to the NeXT dock. That thing is soooo functional.
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    animated wallpaper

    Under NEXTSTEP/OPENSTEP the program that gives you the background you speak of is BackSpace. I think that FreeSpace took over where it left off, except I'm not sure if it gives you the option of running a module on the desktop. I'm not running OSX, but I think FreeSpace comes with it. If...