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    QuartzExtreme working?

    hi! i use a G4/400 and an OEM Radeon 32 MB. can i check if 10.2 uses the hardware acceleration of my Radeon? its way faster than 10.1.4, but some things are still slow.
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    Jag dev seed hangs during login

    problem: installed 10.2 devseed over my 10.1.4 when i tried to login the newly installed 10.2 the logon window stayed there forever but i couldnt get into the system. so i did a clean install of 10.2 on a re-initialized disk. worked great. then i enabled ROOT access via netInfo and set my...
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    All rights are messed up!

    help! all files on my harddrive (MacOS X 10.1) are owned by user "system" and group "unknown". and everyone is allowed to read/write everything everywhere. as a result of this i cant print anymore (print center crashes since then) i can't do SU on console (setid is not permitted to do...
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    where are the settings?

    hi! where are the settings for the items in the SystemPreferences are stored? as i wrote before, my sysprefs crash when opening the Sharing panel. now i want to delete the sharing settings. probably there's some shit in there that makes it crash :) thanks for any advice. mfg BK
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    colored terminal

    hi is it possible to have a colored terminal in OS X like a color X-Term under X11 ? can only be some settings in a rc file, but what are they? thanks
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    Filesharing crashes Sysprefs 10.1

    when clicking on the FILESHARING symbol in the prefs panel, my mac says that the system quitted unexpectedly. also, when i right-click on the dock, and select Preferences, nothing happens. same when selecting Edit-menu in the keyboardlanguage menu. the second and third are...