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    Broken TextEdit

    Howdy all. Seems my TextEdit is seriously broke. I tried to give it a custom icon (don't ask), and not only did it not take, but now if I try to launch it, it 'unexpectedly' quits after a bounce or two. I have tried: logging out and in again restarting running Disk Utility...
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    Silly Dock Trick

    Technically this is on topic:
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    OS X speech silliness

    Here's something kind of silly. Go to the speech preferences panel and select the text-to-speech tab. Click on each voice in turn: each has a different short 'demo' speech. I'm pretty sure this wasn't in 9; feel free to correct me scathingly if I'm wrong ;) ------------------ The...
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    Mouse speed?

    Currently, I think we're out of luck in terms of special OSX mouse drivers, although Kensington has a beta X version of their drivers available (I tried to install the Kensington drivers to see if they would work with my Logitech Marblemouse, but no go. Long shot anyway). However...
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    Any word on OS 9.5?

    According to (grain of salt optional), "reliable developer sources" indicate that 9.5 is in the works. It is alleged to include Open Transport 3.0, Carbon Lib 1.3 or 1.4, "numerous driver updates," and a shift towards a view of the 9.x system as a component of X (ie...