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    cd burning

    You're probably going to have to wait for the final to start burning. Not to many companies (and I doubt Yamaha is one of them) have released drivers for OS X. When it comes to burners, I can't really help. Sorry!
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    Any word on OS 9.5?

    On the Apple Mac OSX site it says OSX Final will ship w/ 9.1 for Classic. However, you never know, Apple might bump that up to 9.5 at the last minute as a special surprise.
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    This was sorta mentioned in an earlier post, but I'm bored and just feel like typing. What that statement is saying isn't that Apple won't take into account any of your ideas. It's just saying that if Apple uses the idea you gave them they will under to circumstances compensate you or...
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    On my computer the beta loads faster than OS 9 so I'm sure the final OS X will boot very quickly compared to OS 9. In regards to "instant-on" I just read an article on either or that Apple is expirementing with this "instant-on" feature which would supposedly startup...
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    iDisk mistery update - is OSX ready in the end?

    I tried opening iTools just a while ago and couldn't. Went to iTools site on apple and went to the download page to reinstall, but under sys requirements it said you need OS 9. Kinda interesting because it worked a few months ago. Don't know what it means.
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    How will Classic work in the Final?

    One question I have, that I haven't seen an answer for is: Currently to run the Classic Env. in OSX you have to have OS9 on the same drive. However, when OSX Final is released and preinstalled on Mac Hardware will both OSX and OS9 be installed on Macs to enable the Classic Env. or will Apple...
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    Help with IE please!

    Can you download IE 5.5 for OS X somewhere or can you reinstall just that app from the CD. The Quicktime plug-in won't load and I know it's IE because quicktime runs fine in iCab. Thanks for your help!
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    Web Deisgn

    I don't know if this is the same thing budncal was saying but I know another thing it might be is that you have your different objects in layers rather than a table. Layers are only supported by Netscape 4.0 or higher or IE 4.0 or higher. Anything lower than that, OmniWeb, and iCab do not...
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    Good ol' Apple

    I was very glad to see Apple make a survey and I filled it out as soon as I got the e-mail notice. I did write to keep the terminal in. Plus I asked to add spring-loaded folders (don't forget that).
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    A Dock Critique (screenshots)

    This is what I have in my Dock: Desktop, PPP connect, Mail, Omniweb, IE, Sherlock, Clock, Sys Prefs, QT, Music Player, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Appleworks, SETI@Home, and Trash. That's 15 icons, not to mention I'll have Classic, Terminal, or a number of other apps open. With that said I think...
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    Can't boot iMac REVB after install

    This is just a suggestion, and it probably won't work. But I would try wiping out DP3. That might be causing some type of conflict with the Public Beta.
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    READ THIS-if Classic won't start

    I've read a few topics on this site about trouble open classic within OS X. I was having the exact same problem. I tried turning off all extensions and that didn't work either. I originally had OS 9 when I got my computer and downloaded 9.0.4 from Apple when it was released. I was about...