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    refurbish macs : good choice or not ???

    Hello everybody ! I plan to buy a portable mac soon. But this costs a lot !!! Hopefully, Apple has just open a new service to sold refurbished mac, really cheaper. Has someone buy a mac this way ? Are you happy with your choice ? Apple says there may be aesthetic imperfections, are they...
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    record sound in OS X

    Hello I would like to make an application that talk to the sound card to get samples from the microphone. I know it is possible under OS 9, but I can't find anything to do this on os X ... I've looked on apple's website, but they mainly talk about drivers. Does someone know how to do this...
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    authentification for NFS mounts

    Hello I have set my os x box to mount 3 shares from an NFS server. It works great, and preformances a far higher than with appleTalk. But since I don't log on the server, but on my local machine, I can't have the owner's privilege ... Is there a way to force mac os x to send a specific...
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    Eudora lost everything after reinstall ...

    Hello everyone I was forced to reinstall mac os X after I killed it. So far, no problem. before deleting the HD, I copy my home folder. But after the reinstallation, eudora keep saying me "Sorry, but that doesn't seem to be a mailbox", and launch as if it has no preferences file. I have set my...
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    itunes random play not realy random for me !

    Hello everyone ! I use Itunes for a while now. I have a base of more than 1200 MP3s that I listen randomly. A few weeks ago, I added a CD from Nirvana. Since that time, if itunes play a song of Nirvana (and it does quite often), it just play all the CD, and in the track order ... Nirvana...
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    video (or at least audio) conferencing on OS X

    Hello I would like to communicate via internet with friends who runs PCs. I have a DSL connection. Does anyone know what soft I can use, and if there are many possibilities, which one works the best ? For the video conference, I can use de FW video camera. Is it possible to use it as a...
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    mouse wheel in itunes

    Yes, the mouse wheel can work in itunes 1.1.2 : on my computer, I have to open the about panel to get it work. After that, it works fine. Enjoy Jerome Duquennoy
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    dhcp client name unsend !

    If have made a DHCP/ddns server. When a mac os 9 computer connects to this server, the server receives the MAC adresse AND the name of the client. So it can update the DNS data base. But when a computer running ox X 10.0.4 connects to the server, the server receives only the MAC adresse ! So...
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    continue a task even afer logout ?

    I would like to launch a programme that will run non-stop for about two days. But I would like to allow other users to log in durring those days ... Is there a way do do that (the nohup command seems unusefull since the soft is not a command line one. Thank you for your help. Popey
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    forcing a docked app to open a file

    I found recently that if you drag a file on a docked app, you can force this app to try to open it : put a file on the icone of a file that don't want to open it. The icone remain unselected. Now, try to hit the command and option keys at the same time. The icone become selected, and you can...
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    problem whith a FW drive

    Hello I use a big extern FW drive to store data (essentialy video files). Actualy, I would like to get a big file (2Gb) back. But when I try to copy it, the disc seems to stop responding after a few Mb ... i have to stop the copy, and the finder beomes verry slow if there is a window...
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    dialogs comming from the window title

    Hello Which class should I use to have a dialogue that comes out from the title barre of a window like the save or the open dialogue (sorry, I don't rememeber the name of that kind of dialogue) ? How can I define the items in this dialgue whith Interface Builder ? Thank you for your answers
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    sharing printers whith mac os x ?

    Hello I'd like to know, before buying a printer, if mac os X is able to share it on a network. If yes, is it necessary to enter the IP adresse of the computer that shares the printer (like you do to mount a share folder) each time you want to print? Thank you for your responces
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    problem whith custom classes

    I am trying to make a program for mac OS X. I am using Java. I am trying to separate windows in different nib files, containing the window, the delegate and the controller of the window. In all the nib files, I must have only one NSApplication instance (logical). But when I try to apply a custom...