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    Bobw Passed Away

    I can't count the number of times Bobw helped me - either by answering my question or by answering someone else's before I could ask mine - and always with good humor. RIP bob.
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    Wireless Router

    My Belkin is working perfectly after 9 months of use. And the warranty will cover a router that won't work 2 months into the warranty period. Up to 30 days, the reseller will replace it. After that, the manufacturer should replace it. You need to call Belkin back and talk a little more...
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    Connecting OS9 to 10.4 using Appletalk

    And on your OS X box, you have to enable personal file sharing if you've got the firewall enabled. System Preferences > Sharing > Check the box next to Personal File Sharing
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    USB Wireless for iMac

    These two sites have Mac-compatible USB wireless solutions:
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    14 month old G4 iBook making strange noises

    You might be able to call Apple and talk to an AppleCare representative and get them to activate your AppleCare - did you buy it direct from Apple or a reseller? Do you still have the packing receipt/receipt? Often a human on the other end of the phone can fix these minor problems, especially...
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    3inch Mini Dvd in iBook ??

    No, you can't. You can only put full-size CDs and DVDs into a slot-loading drive. If you have an external drive, you can put the mini DVD in that.
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    Use Ibook G4 With Wireless Broadband Card Like Verizon

    No, there's an adapter that lets you connect your cell phone to your USB port on your iBook. There is no adapter to connect a PCMCIA or CARDBUS card to your iBook. This is, I assume, the service you want...
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    Mac Mini and Verizon FIos Service

    She did try Broadband Tuner and she's connected via AirPort - see above ;-)
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    Mac Mini and Verizon FIos Service

    Have you looked in the Network Pref Pane in System Preferences? First, is AirPort the first item listed? If not, click on Network Status and choose Network Port Configurations. Drag AirPort to the top and click apply now. Then go back to Network Status. Click on AirPort and click configure...
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    Canon ImageClass MF8170c Drivers

    Normally, I'd say Gimp-Print (, but it appears that that particular printer uses neither PostScript nor PCL for its printer language. There is no Mac driver and apparently will not be. Try VPC...
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    Help! DVD Drive compatible?

    I hope you've noticed it's a combo drive, not a DVD burner. That means you can burn and read CDs, but only read there is no burning from iDVD or Toast for DVDs.
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    wireless card question

    It's an iBook; there is no CardBus slot. It requires an original AirPort card, which are available from a couple vendors.
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    SanDisk Cruzer 256 doesn't show on desktop post...

    You should upgrade your B&W to 9.2.2. It'll be in 2 steps - from 9.1 to 9.2 and then to 9.2.2 (free on But it sounds like perhaps a USB driver got messed up somehow - do you have anything else USB (other than the other Cruzers) you can test on the ports?
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    Original Airport in a B&W PowerMac G3?

    Save your money and time - and buy a wireless PCI card. Motorola makes one that's compatible - WPCI810G - that's what I have in my old B&W music server. To find compatible models, see this article:
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    wireless network with ADSL router

    You shouldn't be connected via Ethernet - you should be connected via AirPort. ADSL Modem>AirPort Express via ethernet wire, PB > AirPort Express wirelessly. You need then to open AirPort Setup Assistant (hide all open applications, on the menubar you should see Go - click on Go and select...
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    Networking Mac to PC through two routers

    The first router, the one with the PC connected by ethernet, should be set up as a DHCP server. The second router, the wireless router, should be set up as a wireless repeater only - turn OFF DHCP server. Then the first router will assign IP addresses to the second router and the iBook...
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    help with network-will this work??

    There isn't an AirPort card available for the G3, but you can get a compatible PCI card. I have one installed on my old B&W G3 (music server) and it's recognized as an AirPort Extreme card. It's a Motorola WPCI810G, and it's still available here and there for less than $30. And there's a...
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    Is the Dell 2405fpw compatible with macs?

    Yes. It has D-Sub (another name for VGA) and DVI-D connectors. It's just a monitor; they're all compatible. A friend has one connected to his Dual 2.0 G5.
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    iBook hard drive upgrade

    Cracking the case is the most nerve-racking bit of the whole operation. I just upgraded my 12" iBook G4/1.2 stock 30GB drive to a 60GB, 5400 RPM, 8MB Cache drive. All with the help of the guide from (and previous experience with lots of PowerBooks). The last 3 pages of the hard drive...
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    Wireless Router = Poor Signal! Help?

    Have you changed the channel on which the D-Link is broadcasting? I can't remember if the default is 12 or 6, but try something else. You might be getting interference.