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    Welcome to Darwin!

    There is nothing unusual here. You only get the MOTD (message of the day..Welcome to Darwin) if you connect via ssh or telnet. If you just open a terminal window in OS X you will not see this. It is a message for remote users only. Y
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    broadband internet connection

    There is an app called broadband optimizer available from in their OS X section. All it does is use a shell script to tweak your settings at bootup time. The commands in the script can be tweaked at any time via the command line. In general freebsd networking should be...
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    10.1 dropping network

    the @home network is currently "restructuring" i.e. going bankrupt I'll bet your outages are releated to a sysadmin being laid off/leaving for greener pastures Y see
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    Airport very slow with Linksys Wap11

    There is a new firmware upgrade for the linksys WAP's. Have him apply the upgrade, I suspect that your transfer rates will increase significantly. Y
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    AirPort 2.0 w/Orinoco

    I would recommend that you switch to OS X and use the wireless driver available at ;-) Y
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    once again: .htpasswd (X.1)

    please list the contents of your .htaccess file We can't troubleshoot without it. Y
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    Best XWindows install for a newbie

    I suggest you take a re-look at fink. They have a package installer available now that will do most of the dirty work for you. Once you have that installed, learn to use dselect (just type dselect at the command line). You will have a functioning version of xwindows up and running in no time...
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    Canon Powershot G1 doesn't work...

    Move your image capture app directly to the Applications directory try connecting without the external power connected reformat your CF or microdrive One (or all) of these should work
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    mod_ssl and apache compile?

    Here I am replying to my own question ;-) I finally got it to work, I needed to use the flat_namespace fix (see stepwise) and I had to edit the Makefile in apache_1.3.20/src/modules/ssl to remove libgcc and lgcc to get it to compile. Everything works great now. Y
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    mod_ssl and apache compile?

    Has anyone had any luck compiling mod_ssl and apache? Did you have to do anything special to get it to work?
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    Wireless Drivers for PB G3 Series

    Edward, Don't use the 5g27 installer, use the 10.1 installer Y
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    Wireless Drivers for PB G3 Series

    Very interesting, please report this to apple feedback. I suspect you have found a major bug and will need to partition your drive and install OS X on the first <8gig partition. To manually install the driver find the file WirelessDriver.kext in the finder. Open a terminal window and type...
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    Wireless Drivers for PB G3 Series

    Try using the card in the upper PCMCIA card slot on your wallstreet, see if that works. Do the lights blink on your card? If they do, the driver is installed correctly. You need to open the network preferences pane to select and configure the EN1 ethernet interface for the driver to work...
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    How can I create a double click icon to run script shell

    You need dropscript be careful with it!
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    Apache will not start after upgrading to 10.1 has your answer
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    X with Orinoco WiFi Card

    Rob is working on the WEP support and plans to have it in the next release...whether that is tomorrow, next week or several months from now is unknown but Rob thinks he's close so it should be soon. Y
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    X with Orinoco WiFi Card

    You will find an opensource driver for 10.1 and 10.0.4 at: future updates will be posted at: they should also be announced on versiontracker Y
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    If you can't get the 10.1 upgrade....

    This is outrageous! Apple have fu*ked this one up big time! Apple has made it really difficult for early adopters to upgrade, yet made it easy for the late adopters. Go to any Apple retailer today and you would find Box sets available at $129 a pop but few free upgrade CD's. To top it...
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    I wanna host, but I have a question...

    The easiest thing to do would be to set up an apache mirror. You will need to edit your apache config file (/etc/httpd/httpd.conf) to recognize your IP address as your servername ServerName and have apache listen on another port like 8080 Port 8080 Put the image in...
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    Lombard blues

    The following thread is a mirror of a thread on macnn (not currently working) with info and a fix for Wavelan in 10.1. As I say in the thread, you can expect a new 10.1 WirelessDriver in the very near future (monday at the latest, mabey sooner)...