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    OSX does not load after clean reinstall

    Here is the work around I am using until I figure out why after booting into OS9 the OSX finder hangs and you end up with a blue screen and a twirling color curser alternating back and forth with a black arrow curser The only way I was able to get back into osx was to do a complete reinstall...
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    Public Beta work better than X

    Trying an experiment, I have found that installing and working with the beta has given me less problems than the release version. What's that saying Apple? I don't get it though. I had osx installed and working since the 24th just fine until three days ago it would not boot (the desktop that...
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    X desktop doesn't load after OS9

    I have repeated this several times now. After installing OSX and then rebooting into 9 to run some programs and then going back to X, when it is time for the desktop to appear everything just stalls. there is no hope to get back in except the ultimate cure... reinstall both 9 and 10 after an...
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    OSX does not load after clean reinstall

    In an earlier post I mentioned I was using osx along with golive. I had a crash which brought down the entire system (protected memory?). Upon booting up into osx again the finder would not load and I was presented with a nice blue screen. A little lighter in color than a Windows blue screen...
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    Finder does not load after crash

    I was woking along when I experienced a crash from Adobe golive. Okay, and it took down the hole machine so I hit the reboot button. Now after the book panel appears and it does its normal stuff, it hangs before finder loads and the desktop appears. NO FINDER. ALSO now I can't boot from...
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    hiding the menubar

    Does anyone know if it is possible to hide the menubar in X? Or, if an app can be written to do that. That would be kool.
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    OS9 shuts down improperly

    I have been having this problem since the beta. After using launches in OSX as you normally would, and after you shut down your computer and login again, and the next time OS9 launchs or the next time I boot into OS9, it checks the disk for errors because i says it was not shut down properly...
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    disapearing files

    The problem I seem to be experiencing while using Photoshop and Illustrator in OSX is this... When I save files to the desktop the files are not visable. When I save them to another folder either on the OSX partition or the OS9 partition, they are not visible. They are however visible in the...
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    fonts in OSX

    I have not tried this yet cause I wanted to ask first. Can I utilize my adobe type 1 fonts in osx? Can I drag and drop them from sys 9 to X, and will it work? Ken
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    Put Trashcan Back on the Desktop

    Where do you find this program, "The Property List Editor." I would like to give the finder trash a new home. Ken
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    DOS formatted zip disks don't mount

    dos formatted zip disks on a usb zip drive don't mount on the OSX desktop (or in a finder window) . Mac disks are okay. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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    millions of colors looks bad

    I have noticed when you change the monitor settings to millions of colors, photos including the OSX desktop pix are all banded. Almost like its 256 colors. Does anyone know why millions of colors does not show smooth photo quality transitions? Or is this a beta thing.