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    New / Old iPods

    I watched the Keynote on Wednesday and saw the neat new things Apple is doing with the iPod. But, as an owner of the original 5 gig pod, was curious to see what new features I could use. So, since the keynote, I have been looking on Apple's site for the firmware upgrade so I can take advantage...
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    Internet Kiosk with Mac OS X

    I am interested in turning two iMac's with OS X in to kiosks. Currently, Internet Explorer launches on boot but it leaves everyone able to acces the finder and mess with things I don't want them to mess with. So... how can I limit access to everything except to Internet Explorer and maybe...
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    I have installed MySQL and it is running. However, one of my programmers noticed that the DBI module was missing. I can't remember where I downloaded the MySQL package. Does anyone know where I can get the DBI module and possibly a bunch of other modules. Has anyone else been missing the DBI...
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    Multiple IP addresses on two subnets

    I have had OS X happy with 6 or 7 addresses on a single subnet and apache has 5 different virtual hosts and it was working great. However, now I have OS X setup with its primary address on one subnet and its secondary addresses on a different subnet and it doesn't seem to work. If I add the...
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    cgi and Apache

    I have apache running well and serving up all kinds of web pages. However, I am having a bit of trouble with cgi scripts. I have apache set up to recognize both cgi and perl scripts and I can run the scripts from the command line. But when I try to get to them via the web, I get either a...
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    OS X and Multiple IP Addresses

    I really need to get my OS X to respond to more than one IP address. I would like apache to respond to two different IP addresses for two virtual hosts. I have apache set up properly and it seems to be working but since the machine won't respond to more than one IP addresses, it does me no...
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    Success B&W G3 400

    After one issue with the installer, (clicking restart froze the machine once the installation had finished) I have had nothing but success on a Blue and White G3 at 400 Mhz with 256M of ram. Apple has done it again!