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    Any way to re-add a menu in IB?

    Thanks for your reply. I can instantiate NSMenu, but when I drag items onto it, they are displayed vertically like a right-click menu and not horizontally like the menu bar. If I select the menu and go to Attributes, there are several radio buttons for special menus, including one for Main Menu...
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    Any way to re-add a menu in IB?

    My application doesn't really need any menu options such as File, Edit, Format, etc, due to the nature of it, so I removed the NSMenuBar class from the Instances tab in IB 2, with the intent of adding it back later on should the need for a menu arise. What I did not realize is that removing the...
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    Considering buying an iPhone as a gift

    It's my girlfriend's birthday soon and I really want to buy her an iPhone, but I had a few questions I was hoping you could answer for me. 1. She already has a phone and I don't know when her current contract expires so is there a maximum amount of time you can leave before activating it, or...
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    Various Xserve RAID issues

    I'm running two Xserve RAIDs with two machines and a Qlogic Sanbox 1400 switch. These are the problems I'm running into: 1. The controllers have been software RAID-ed into one drive. Sometimes the software RAID drives will not mount and it will say the RAID is degraded. Restarting the RAIDs...
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    Cannot set up Xserve G5 as gateway

    For the hell of it, I connected the internet directly to the switch. Amazingly, it now works on all machines. But how can it work if the switch is not a router?
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    Cannot set up Xserve G5 as gateway

    I have the internet on Ethernet 1 and a gigabit switch on Ethernet 2. I use the Gateway Assistant wizard to set it up and it changes the following settings: When I click Apply, I can no longer get internet access on the server and none of the clients can either. To get it back, I need to go...
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    Using unsupported high capacity drives in an enclosure

    The post production budget hasn't been allocated yet, but I made it clear to the producers that we would be looking at $25-35k for the equipment and they were ok with that. Whether the 750 GB drives work with Macs or not doesn't matter because the case will be concatenating them into one big...
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    Using unsupported high capacity drives in an enclosure

    I've already contacted them and they said they don't know because they haven't tested it. I asked if they had a newer enclosure that they had tested it with and they said no. I don't see why the enclosure wouldn't support 750 GB drives, but I can see why the OS might not support two 9 TB drives.
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    Using unsupported high capacity drives in an enclosure

    I need ~18 TB of storage for a movie I'm working on. I've been looking at Fibre Channel enclosures but most of them seem to only support drives up to 500 GB. I found this: and I emailed Adaptec support to ask if they would support 750 GB hard drives...
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    Red Hat 9 and Mac Pros

    I phoned up Massive technical support and they said that they did not officially support Mac Pros, but if I managed to get Linux working on there, it *may* work. I didn't like the sound of that so I decided to go with a cheap machine from eBay. It's not the fastest computer ever but it has the...
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    Can Apple get a Virus?

    I find it interesting that a lot of people presume simple problems are caused by viruses (virii?) due to the media blowing them out of proportion. If you don't use file sharing networks, don't visit dubious/illegal sites and don't click on links in spam email, the only way you can get a virus is...
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    Red Hat 9 and Mac Pros

    Unfortunately the only hardware that is specifically recommended is the graphics card. Everything else is a little vague, which made me wonder if it would work on a Mac. Anyway, I will call them on Monday to check. I get the feeling that their specifications page is a little out of date. Thanks...
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    Red Hat 9 and Mac Pros

    No, I plan to purchase Massive Jet, the lower-priced version. I buy all of my software.
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    Red Hat 9 and Mac Pros

    I want to use a program called Massive but unfortunately it only runs on Linux, not Mac OS X. It runs on both Red Hat 9 (I happen to have a spare copy of this) and Fedora Core 2 and 4. I've never used Linux before but I'm sure I can pick it up quickly. The main problem is deciding whether to buy...
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    Outlook 2003 to Mac how?

    Strangely enough, MS don't make Outlook for the Mac but they make another program called Entourage.
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    Beatles' Apple vs. Apple (Apple wins...) merged thread...

    I found a video that makes fun of Apple Corp's continued legal action towards Apple Comp:
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    Any worries about this new virus report?

    This line was the most interesting for me: With a bit of common sense, they'd realise that nothing is perfect and therefore complete immunity is impossible. Also check out the ominous lighting in that picture :p
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    Apple patents new LCD screen design I'm not really sure how useful this would be, but it would save space in laptops. It would probably consume more power though.
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    MacBook Pro vs Dual G5 PowerMac

    My ISP imposes a horribly low monthly bandwidth limit so I can't view the movie, but was that a dual core G5 or was it the earlier model with 2 distinct processors? A few friends of mine have MacBook Pros and they don't appear to be faster than my dual core 2GHz G5, at least not in FCP. But...
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    What Are Your Favorite Firefox Add-ons?

    I only use Adblock and CookieCuller. Adblock is great except that it seems to cause problems with movie clips and Flash files.