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    /System/Library/Perl/darwin/ ?

    Uh, because the Perl installation requires them? The way that Perl organizes the libraries is designed as a "search path" - run this command from the shell: perl -e 'print "@INC\n";' and you will get a list of directories that show the order of searching for modules, libraries and...
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    Perl on Mac OS X

    (This is NOT my information - it comes from the MacOSX Perl mailing list from a man named Gary Blackburn) 1) Make sure you decompress the tar file with gzip and tar... do NOT decompress from Mac OS 9.x or from a Classic program such as Stuffit. 2) Make sure you setenv LC_ALL C...
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    Experimental MySQL.pkg double-click installer

    The instructions are in a new and better place: Also, CPAN does NOT require the compression libs, although it would like them. In place, it uses gunzip to uncompress programs.
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    Experimental MySQL.pkg double-click installer

    You skipped this step: Instructions for Perl DBD::mysql Installation 1. Fix mySQL installation su cd /usr/local/lib/mysql ar d libmysqlclient.a strto.o ranlib libmysqlclient.a This step removes the redundant definition of _strtol
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    Experimental MySQL.pkg double-click installer

    Thanks from me for building and packaging the mySQL software. I have summarized instructions for the Perl DBD::mysql package on my web site: Giving back to the community