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    Mac thinks printed, but printer (HP K60) sits there

    I have an HP Officejet K60 for which I have all the HPIJS drivers etc. and it works on the network (with a PC as the print server). But I need it hooked up directly to my Mac OS x 10.4 box (PB 15") with a USB. The Mac recognizes the printer and the driver etc. It prints, the print queue...
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    Mac can see all EXCEPT ONE shared folder on PC

    I have an iBook G4 (OS X 10.4.x) on a network with a Windows XP machine. The PC has three shared folders: S's Documents, D's Documents, and Shared Documents. All three are marked as shareable. On the Mac I can see all three folders. And I can see the files in S's Documents and Shared...
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    OS X Tiger can't print to HP Officejet K60

    I've got an ibook g4 with OS X 10.4 and am trying to get it to print to an HP Officejet K60 (connected via USB). I downloaded the HPIJS driver and followed the instructions on The Mac thinks it's printing properly but nothing happens on the...