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    Tiger automatic log ins

    Hi, I set up my mac to log in automatically log in and has been working fine for so far. However for some strange reason, even though the settings are present(i.e to log in automatically), it does not log in automatically... and there is a log in screen. Can anyone help me on this? Thank...
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    Searching for hidden files

    Hi, I have a file in the /usr directory, which belongs to the group Wheel, i am in the admin group. Spotlight does not return any results from the /usr directory I thought of two solutions - add myself to Wheel or enable spotlight to search /usr directory - neither of which i am able to do...
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    Installing Ram in Powerbook

    Hello, I have a powerbook 15inch (Aluminimium, Feb'05). I have 512mb stick i would like to insert, but i am at a loss to open those 4 tiny screws. Is there anything i could use around the house that might help me open this? Or if I have to go to shop to buy, could you suggest what sort of...
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    overriding methods in Applescript

    Hi, In Mail's applescript functionality, there is a method called "New outgoing message" i wish to override this, so that when my script is running, whenever a new outgoing message is called, my script runs. Could someone help? Thanks Sapsi
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    Extracting a portion of a video

    Hi, I have a .DAT file, which i can happily play in Mplayer and VLC player. I wish to extract a small portion of the film(about 5 minutes) from somwhere in the middle(i.e from the 20th minute to the 25th minute). Are there any freeware tools for OS X to do this? Thanks in advance for your...
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    Plists and variables

    Hi, I was trying to login automatically, (then Bob Wood, thanks! solved it), and came across different values that can be put into plist files. Now for loginwindow.plist(and other programs too) where can i find all the different possible variables i can modify? thanks Sapsi
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    Default Login in OS X - log me in automatically

    Hi, I remember my username and password, but what i'd like to do is switch on the computer and make OS X(Tiger) log me in <i>automatically</i>, i.e i dont need to type in my username or password. I know X-Windows could do this(at least Ubuntu), is there a way to do this in OS X Thanks sapsi
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    Startup Items

    Hello, How would i go about finding out the system startup items? I use the tool to set my user startup items(what file does it modify?), but i would like to which file has the system startup ones(like /etc/rc.d on *NIX). Reason why i ask, is because Office 2004 has a Database Daemon...
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    Microsoft App starting automaticallt

    Hi, I would like to know if there is a log file in OS X which tells me the bootup sequence and all the output tha goes with it. doesnt provide the reqd info. Thanks Sapsi
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    ical and Microsoft Office 2004

    Hi, I recently purchased an Powerbook with Trial Office 2004 preloaded. I also installed Office 2004 from my college(student cd). However, after loging in, there Office reminded me to purchase the software. I ran ps ax and didnt see any microsoft app running, my login items do NOT have any...