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    system reboots after going to sleep

    Thanks Sourcehound for the suggestions. Zapping the PRAM seems to have fixed the problem. Cheers, Barry
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    system reboots after going to sleep

    Hi, I have a Powerbook G4 with Mac OS X 10.4.5. Instead of going to sleep the machine is rebooting. Even though I've changed all of the power settings to keep the machine active this still happens. Do you have any suggestions what may be going on? Thanks in advance, Barry
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    Ftp Timing Out From X11

    Hi, I'm having problems with ftp services with Mac OS X. I open a terminal window and type ftp followed by the DNS. Connect to ftp server, log on, change to appropriate directory. If I type "ls" I get 229 entering extended passive mode (|||53637|) and then everything seems to stall out...