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    Dashboard Problems

    Thanks for the responses. I found out what I needed to know
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    Dashboard Problems

    Has anyone found a way to remove dashboard widgets? My problem is I have 3 clocks and 2 temperature panels. I really don't need but one of each and I have no idea how they came up nor how to get rid of all but 1.
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    Panther Bugs and Incompatibilities (Post here)

    I installed on a g4/500 using the Update avenue. Everything went fine. I tried the same routine on my 17 inch powerbook and it screwed up everything. Had to reformat and start from scratch. Other than that, I am impressed. Well worth the price of admission
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    complaint re fan noise on 17" powerbook?

    I have a 17 PB and almost never hear the fan. If it is being used really heavy you might hear a little fan noise at times but it hasn't been objectional.:D
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    brand of RAM in 17pb?

    Both Chips are in the same port. Both are visible when you take the back plate off. As for Brand, anybody's guess. Apple doesn't identify their RAM source. I had that same problem. Run your Hardware Test Disk. It will tell you if you have bad RAM. But I will not tell you which one is bad. You...
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    10.2.8 unreleased

    The update has been pulled by Apple due to some serious problems on some systems.
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    Backing up a drive with CCC

    Don't know what happened in your case but it has worked flawlessly for me. You have to turn Schedular on in order for it to work. It is off by default.
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    How do you get a DSL router to work with Earthlink DSL service?

    On mine through Sprint, I had to telnet into the router and do a setup. In that setup, PPoE was an option to turn on. If using OS X, you can do it through terminal. Don't exactly remember the steps but their tech support (EarthLink) can help and they are good. If using OS 9, there is a small...
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    Compatible scanner for MAC OS X

    :D I have an Epson 2450 that works flawlessly in OS X. I downloaded the latest Epson Software and installed before even trying. As a general rule; Any thing Epson works if they say it does. I have 3 different Epson printers and the scanner all running in OS X 10.2.6. They worked in earlier...
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    Kensington StudioMouse - trouble and a headache

    I have a Wireless Turbo Mouse Pro. I am using MouseWorks. I have had no problems with either the mouse or the software. I have used it since OS 9.0.
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    Wireless Mouse

    I have a Kensington PocketMouse Pro wireless. It isn't heavy and it does move easily without strain on your hand.
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    Original iBook max Ram

    According to the MacTracker database ( he can go to the odd numbers mentioned with 544 being the max. Before you smart off; check the facts.
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    What size monitor are you using for X?

    On my desktop I have an 18 in MicroTek LCD. Couldn't afford the luxury of an Apple LCD Display. I also have a 17 in Powerbook
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    Register Here

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    Force Empty Trash

    There is a shareware program called TrashIt. It uses an Applescript setup that works verywell. You can find it at VersionTracker of MacUpdate.
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    Stupid iCal

    I have "played" with iCal myself. I am not really inspired with it. I also have Palm loaded for my PDA and even though iCal somewhat syncs with the Palm, it isn't as reliable. Maybe it is a work in progress but for a supposedly release version it is not impressive at all.
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    10.1 Speed Not Acceptable

    Emptying trash of system items. I had a back-up on an external drive and I could not delete the old data. The drive is also formatted with a bastard driver and the Apple Drive formatter will not recognize it as a drive (firewire). I had another problem with permissions trying to install...
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    10.1 Speed Not Acceptable

    I guess speed is relative. I was doing some housekeeping in OS 9 earlier this week and while the finder and web browser did seem a little faster, I soon went back to OS X. I have had few problems with X. The biggest problem I have had has been with permissions set by the OS to keep we UNIX...
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    Roxio Toast Titanium 5.1

    Toast 5.1.1 has been posted. It is supposed to fix the serial number glitch. Don't know about the other issues. I haven't downloaded yet. Just found it today and haven't taken the time on a modem line.:) David Johnson
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    Emptying Trash permissions

    Thanks. That Worked and I still have my hard drive left.