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    Safari lacks. Doesn't have tabs.

    It's fast I'll give it that. And it's Aqua I'll give it that. But I miss my Tabs. H
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    4 Color Mode on Modern Mac ?

    ANyone know if there's a hack out there to convince a modern Mac to act like it's running 4 or 16 color mode ? I have an old game (Thexder) that I'd really like to play, but it wants to go into 4 color mode. Cheers, Harry
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    Apple Lisa

    Hey there, I managed to turn a Macinstosh XL, Into a pretty good word processor with some help (years ago) from the guys at Sun Remarketing. They had the bits to make it a Mac Plus (sort of) It wasn't great, but I had fun doing it. Tht with an Imagewriter I...
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    H2 get sendmail working

    Ok Quick Question: I only need sendmail to, well well send mail, I'm on Verizon DSL, and have my own domain, and I need my own SMTP to send mail out. Turning it on in hostconfig works, but at startup OSX take forever to startup. I'm pretty sure it's tied to localhost not resolving...