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    Potential ibook consumers

    Nope - not an employee of an LCD manufacturer -- a former Apple employee. I worked for Apple at the manufacturing plant in Fountain, Colorado that built most Powerbooks through the 5300 series. I can tell you that in most cases dead pixels are only visible through a jewellers loupe, and yes a...
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    Potential ibook consumers

    Look -- a dead pixel on a LCD screen is not "mistake" -- it is an acceptable flaw in the product -- no manufacturing process is perfect, and there are going to be flaws in any product. The flaw is not even Apple's flaw, it is the flaw of the LCD manufacturer and their standards state that a...
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    SHaring a DSL connection using IPNetRouter--How??

    Wht not switch your internal network from dhcp assigned addresses to static IP addresses. That is what I do.