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    CoreFoundation => Foundation

    That's why they call it "toll free bridging" you just cast the type (you shouldn't get any warnings: never got one).
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    typedef errors in binary tree example program

    Hi mkwan, it's clashing with an enum defined in the AE Interfaces (that is pNode). Either you change that pNode with a better name or you include it inside a namespace (if yor using c++). No wonder it works with vc++: there is no AERegistry.h in windows. i.e.: ... typedef Node *...
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    Precompiled headers

    Hi all, how do you make those nice *.p, *.pp files with PB? Are they automatically copied like header files if set as public (I guess yes)? Also I have setup an installation directory under Target->BuildSettings->InstallationLocation but PB doesn't seem do copy anything to that directory...
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    Framework prebindings

    Hi redbird, you should edit framework's target: go under the tab "Build Settings" and under section "Link Settings". Under that there is "Other Linker Flags": you can write -seg1addr your-custom-base-address... ex: -seg1addr 0x10000000 Now your framework's code and data should have a...