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    Restoring an ipod

    That was the problem and the windows can now regonize it and the mac can reformat it. However the windows can not. When I click reformat it says "Do not lock. Close all other programs using ipod." Or something along those lines. Any ideas on how to alow formating?
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    Restoring an ipod

    So I decided to buy a pc for college since I already have a mac and I would like to use both operating systems. Unforcentally my ipod is not regonized by itunes or the pc in any way. If you know how to solve this please aneswer this question first. I do know that I must reformat my ipod to...
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    Transfering itunes files

    I am trying to transfer my itunes files from my imac g4 OS 10.2.8 to a friends Windows XP. We are connected through a Home Router. No idea how to do this so a step by step process would help out. Thanks.
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    Nova EV 1.0.8; is it a good game?

    If you like the sharware version you will like it after buying the game. Great game.
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    3rd Party iPod earphones?

    Would prefer ear-bud head phones, or more traditional ones that cover the entire ear?
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    Apple Music Store? Other than that you download them illegaly, which I do not recomend.
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    Deleting programs that are always on

    Since I do not need to worry about viruses I am want to delete Norton Anti Virus and Firewall. The constant scans are getting anoying and I have to disable my firewall whenever I visit a certain web site. Not having an unistaller I just dragged everyfile I could find to the trash. Most of...
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    Frozen Ipod

    I rarely do drain it completly, I just had no othere way of shutting it off.
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    Frozen Ipod

    I have had my ipod for sevral months now and have yet to have a problem accept for the occasional skip on my extend jogs. Today while jogging a little over 30 minutes it stopped playing. When I gave it a look it was frozen in a song selction menu. None of the buttons worked and the back light...
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    Can not connect to one and only one web site.

    While this may sound like a problem at there end, and they have recently switched servers, I'm thinking its something with my computer. I'm trying to connect to a forum I'm a mod at and no other users there are having problems. I have conncect there recnetly from other macs other than my own...
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    A crashed computer leads to bad applications.

    While surfing the web and listing to itunes, the song I was listing to started to skip and the screen popped up saying (in several languages) that my computer must be restarted. After restarting I found that my clock in the upper right hand corner, along with the volume control icon, are...
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    MW - iPod Shuffle website online Not enough storage for me.
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    [HOWTO] - Kill the Dock without hacks

    Does it suck not having to go trough the hard drive to find applications?
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    Deleting unused accounts

    I have four accounts on my Imac G4 currently (OS 10.2.8). I only use two, I tried to delete the others but when I attempt to it just continusly says deleting account and never does it. When I click and hold on System Prefrences while this is happening It has the old "Application not...
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    Toshiba unveils 80GB drives

    Unless you regularly use the music player as a prortible hard drive the majority of consumers are never gonna have a music library that large.
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    Halo 2

    I don't own an X-box but I have many friends that do and I like the game. A little off of the subject, one of my friends is a windows loving mac hating xbox fantatic. I found it a little ironic that is own Xbox magizine said that the next Xbox would run on a G5 proceser.
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    Games to Arrive for iPod

    As did I, as for now I will have fun playing the game where you guess the song.
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    Burning Problems

    If I deleted the right right files, it had no affect. Any othere suggestions.
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    Burning Problems

    Where would I find the user the user prefrence files for itunes?
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    Burning Problems

    Burned a cd on the account that it works on with sucsess. Burned on the account I needed it to work on with failure. Burned on a new account with failure. I had this problem with an old account that I later deleted. Same problem only just recently did it stop burning cds. This cd is...