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    Cd-r Drive And External Usb

    Hi; If you have OSX installed already,try using one of these two programs,Patchburn or BurnX Free.They should be available at Macupdate or VersionTracker.They should get your mac to recognize the burner.
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    Lcd Flicker

    Sounds like you have a bad video cable.The best thing to do is take it to an apple repair shop.If you don't have one in your locale, any good pc tech should be able to fix it or at least give you a proper diagnoses.My wallstreet had the same problem a couple of years ago.Got it fixed at the...
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    Burning From Itunes.

    Hi; New to the whole itunes thing.I love it but there seems to be one thing I can't do,burn playlists of purchased music to a cd.I know apple has copyright restrictions but is there any way aroud this besides using a app such as wiretap? all I can get it to do is burn music that I have put in to...