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    Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. hard to locate

    Hi all. Recently, I am having trouble finding Yahoo and Hotmail as well as some other bookmarked sites. I had no probs in the past. It happens intermittantly, with no particular reason. IE has a pop up that says "can't locate..." or something like that. I had an older IE that came with my G4 733...
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    Panther install freakout--help!

    I just found an upgrade disk that I never opened when I first got the machine. It takes OS 10.0.4 that came installed up to 10.1 I think 10.1 is "upgradeable" per Panther's install notes. Can't hurt to try.
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    Panther install freakout--help!

    I was about to launch the install on my G4 and the installer said that my OSX version could not be updated (too old? it's 10.0.4). So under options, it says I can basically erase the volume and install new. I read further that means erase the disk's contents (like my OS9.2 and everthing else)...
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    Installing Panther?

    Hi all, I just got Panther and am ready to install on my G4 733 640 RAM that has both OS 9.2 and OS 10.0.4 on it. Any warnings or tips before I leap? I have not read instructions yet but assume it will just overwrite the existing OS10? Thanks and a wonderful Thanksgiving to you and yours. Oh...
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    OSX and OS9.2 apps. compatibility?

    Sorry for the recent flood of my ignorance as I have lived in the Classic world far too long, but... All of my apps. and utilities are for Classic: Norton AV, Norton Utilities, Adobe Type Manager, not to mention Adobe PS, Illust., Acrobat. I know that I can run the classic stuff and run OSX...
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    Upgrading my OSX?

    Sorry about the edit style. I have 640 RAM, I believe.
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    Upgrading my OSX?

    So are they one in the same beast, lol? If that is the case, I guess I gotta buy Jaguar and then that free download for 10.2.8 would apply.
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    Upgrading my OSX?

    Are there free upgrades available for my G4 733's OSX v10.0.4? If so, what is the one to go with--sometimes the 'latest' is not the best? I assume I download at Apple? I don't want to have to spend anything to buy Jaguar, etc. Thanks. EDIT: There are free upgrades at Apple. I just downloaded...
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    Quark imported images don't show up

    I can import .tifs, etc. from PS and their preview shows in my QX 4.11 docs' picture boxes but .eps files from AI 8 and 9 won't. They only have a shaded box within the QX picture box with the name of the file. Even ones that used to show up won't now. They will print however. What's up? Thanks...
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    Stuck on start-up

    Cheryl, that did the trick. So what was it? The prefs get corrupted or something?
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    Stuck on start-up

    Hi all, recently my G4 733 gets stuck just as it's about to finish start-up (the HD shows up on the desktop but launcher's window won't at the stuck point). Everything was fine until I downloaded a new driver for my Epson 1250 scanner and an update for MS Word 2000. Just before the MS download...
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    Building a web site?

    Hi, is there any inexpensive/free web-authoring software for mac OS9? I need to build a really simple site (basically a few linked pages with text and a few graphics) and don't want to invest in dreamweaver, etc. Thanks.
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    Best ethernet color laser or inkjet?

    I posted this on another forum, but I think here is better... I am considering buying a color ink jet or a color laser. I need ethernet connectivity, and am seriously desiring 12x18 or 13x19 media. I don't think a color laser in that size is in the budget though, hence mentioning ink jets. I...
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    Quark bombing?

    Hi all, thanks for your responses. First, the files that were open that it quit in were different ones but all had pretty large photos in them utilizing 'run around object' or something like that--that seemed to be a common issue. I got rid of the runaround on the tifs and used eps with clipping...
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    Quark bombing?

    Hi, I have a 733 G4 with 6-hundred something RAM and my QX v4.11 is locking up ("unexpectedly quits") in the middle of my work. It has never done that before. I recently installed Real Player 8 but ditched it and all its' files. I was thinking is might be some offending extension related to RP...
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    First person shooter games for mac?

    What are the best first person shooter games for OS 9? I have played a few military/delta force type games on PC and prefer that genre. Open to others though. Thanks! 733 G4 and 600-something ram
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    First person shooter recs?

    What are the best first person shooter games for mac OSX? I have played a few military/delta force type games on PC and prefer that genre. Open to others though. Thanks! Oh yeah, G4 733 with 600- something ram
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    What is this file?

    Thanks for the info.
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    What is this file?

    Hi, I will hold off before action. Why I asked about it is that they're alone on the HD folder (not in system folder, etc.) The creation date on them is March 24, 2002--not a date of any significance. I bought the machine and set it up in Oct. 2001. I always run Classic/OS 9.2 except for once I...
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    What is this file?

    Hi all, I found this on my HD while cleaning house: mach.sym as well as one called: mach The latter is an alias. What about them? Can I just delete them or are they important? Thanks!