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    Mac 4400/200 Business w/ SCSI CD-R, monitor, etc.

    Hello, I have a Power Mac 4400/200 Business computer, 96 megs, new hard drive, OS 9 loaded, Apple Muliple Scan 15" monitor, and Lacie 2X External SCSI CD-R (Sony) drive. I have ALL original manuals and software (OS 7.5.3), as well as additonal software I will include (SAM, Norton Disk Lock...
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    OS X digital camera compatibility question

    I have a quick question involving the Fujifilm Finepix A101 digital camera. After some research I found conflicting issues involving this camera's compatibility with OS X. Apple's website lists this camera as being compatible with OS X. Fujifilm's site lists only OS 8.6 - 9.1 drivers, and...
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    Matshita scsi CDR under OSX

    I posted a spot here for my Sony CDR with no replies, and I have not had a chance to get mine to work. Mine DOES NOT support MMC, and I think that may be to blame for why it is not recognized. See if your drive supports MMC. If so, you are in a different boat, but if not, you may be in the...
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    Warcraft II BNE to OS X?

    I read that too, I just got a bit worried when I did not see anything on Warcraft II for a while. And yes, I cannot wait for Warcraft III - that game looks wicked! I may contact Blizzard and let you know what they say...
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    Warcraft II BNE to OS X?

    I see that Starcraft has an update that allows it to run natively under OS X. Does anyone know if there are any plans, either by Blizzard or a third party, to bring Warcraft II BNE to OS X? I still love and play this game constantly. Thank you.
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    10.1.3 !!

    theed, what SCSI card do you have, if applicable?
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    Is my LaCie CDR dead?

    I have one question after trying to make my burner work, and almost corrupting my system in the process: is it time to replace my old LaCie CDR? I own an external SCSI LaCie CDR (SONY CD-R CDU926S) 2x burn drive. It is attached to an Adaptec 2906 SCSI card in my G4 400 AGP Model. In OS X...
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    Epson 1650 and other great OS X scanners!

    I have an Epson Perfection 1250, which uses the same twain driver and smart panel as the 1650. I can use the smart panel (which I also think is garbage, I hope this changes in OS X) and all utilities through classic with no problem. I am going to try Vuescan today, so I will let you know how...
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    OS X (10.1.2) will not start!? HELP!

    UPDATE: NO NEED TO READ THIS NOVEL I tried what I wrote: From OS 9.2.2 I went into the OS X system folder and removed all adaptec .kext, I removed the adaptec 2906 folder in my recipts folder, and I removed the el-gato scsi helper.kext. Started right up. I want to see which ones did it...
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    Kernel Panic – now I can't startup OS X

    UPDATE: Do not reply to this, I posted a new thread on this under the main forum. Please help me there if you can!! =) Ok, I disconnected all devices except for my keyboard. This included my external CDR, an external Belkin USB Hub, and my Microsoft Intellimouse Optical. Restarted into...
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    Kernel Panic – now I can't startup OS X

    I just came on here to post this exact same problem. I had this happen just now, and I am now in 9.2 environment of my hard disk. It started right after I ran the remove .kext terminal app in the Adaptec 2906 beta .kext img. I will now disconnect my external SCSI Lacie (sony) CDR to see if...
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    What is the best OS X Book?

    I was in borders the other day and finally found a copy of Unleashed, went through it, and it is just what I need. I went through OS X 10.1 Black Book too, and it was not enough. Now I have to wait for it, because I have a gift certificate from Barnes & Nobles to use and they have it delayed...
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    Upgrade OS on Visor Deluxe?

    I was planning on looking around, I think I want to sell my Visor Deluxe and get a basic palm pilot. I like to know I can upgrade at my own pace, and I like to have quick development. Handspring just seems to be too slow. Do you think this is a good choice, or should I wait a bit more?
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    Upgrade OS on Visor Deluxe?

    If I get a flash module can I update my os to 4.0. I hate the fact I am stuck at 3.1h, why does handspring move so freakin' slow?
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    Email confirmation?

    I am curious to know if there is any email program for the mac that offers email confirmation (both of delivery and read). Outlook for Windows (my father is PC, booo!) has this ability. Does Entourage v.X have this? Does any other email program have this?
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    When will Entourage X Conduit be released?

    I am looking at how to set up my OS X communication choices. I am using entourage 2001 in classic, and restarting into 9.2 to sync. I am considering entourage .X, but only if a Palm conduit will be released. Is the word IT IS going to be released, but we just DO NOT KNOW WHEN. Or is it...
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    What is the best OS X Book?

    I am a new user here, and am curious to know the opinion of the group here. I have been looking for a good, intermediate to advanced book on OS X. I have been using Macs forever, and know all of the basic info I seem to find in amny OS X books. I have been surfing forever, and the one that...