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    CD/DVD ICON GHOST 10.4 cd tray...

    hi i wondered if anyone could help me... im runnin 10.4.4, when i put a cd or dvd in teh trya, and use it via a game or watching a movie, i cnnot eject it afterwards. i try to eject the cd/dvd and the icon will disappear, but the cd tray will not open. and i try to press eject again and tha cd...
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    DVD DRIVE 10.4.4 bug?

    hi, ive just updated to 10.4.4, but when i try to eject my dvd drive it wont., it is as if the desktop icon is a ghost. so when i throw the ghost in the trash and press eject the drive wont open. i have to wait and reboot the computer to switch cd's/dvd's. when i try to look at it through...
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    os classic on tiger

    dude i just did 10.x download the update 9.1, then go to system pref. go to start up dusik choose 9.0 then when it restarts update the 9.0 to 9.1