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    IBM to purchase Apple Computer?!!!

    kommakazi, based on Steve Jobs's previous performances, do you really think he'll care about the strategic implications of such an alliance, given he reportedly hates the company? this reminds me of comments that building PC emulation into MacOS would increase apple's market share. maybe it...
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    Escape Velocity: Nova has been declared GM!

    good score simX, i noticed that too ;) it's time to email all the ev freaks and say goodbye to weeks of spare time again...
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    termio.h and term.h calls

    Hi, having problems compiling up some code on OS X and it's these two files (termio.h, term.h) which aren't present. I'm given to understand that on some UNIX setups, they install with emacs, but not on OS X. I've tried compiling up without the functions generally present in these header...