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    I heard of this from but I'm not sure if it is actually real. They talked about there will be iTalk included in MacOS X. iTalk is a multiply instant-message application that can send IM to any IM software such as AIM, Yahoo, MSN, ICQ and all IRC. Anything hear about this too...
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    New Appearance is under development

    I dont want to interrupt your party here... I just want to let you know that Kaleidoscope is hard working at MacOS X version. They've notified me of their project status. It is about 60% done. However I dont want to give you high hope about this because Apple could get this thru courts and...
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    New Appearance is under development

    Rinse, that can be achieved by simple customize to the text page. You will see: menubaricon=1 and I changed it to 0 and it wont show up. That is all I can help for now :(
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    New Appearance is under development

    I would like to let you know that Platinum Appearance for MacOS X is no longer under development due to a request from one of the apple's lawyer. I'm sorry that I couldn't finish it earlier. I hope that apple will release their own appearance tools. I'd gladly to answer any of the questions...
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    New Appearance is under development

    We've encountered some of the problem in the platnimum appearance. There is one bug that we're not able to fix. Well I think it must be MacOS X Beta. We hope that next version of beta will fix it. We will hold our work until that bug is fixed in next version or we have to find a way around it...
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    I've been trying to find out what is causing the disappearance of Classic window. MacOS 9.0.4 is causing it. Before I upgrade up to 9.0.4, it work perfectly until i upgraded 9.0.4 and it won't finish the startup process. Then I uninstall 9.0.4 and it startup perfectly. I think that Apple is...
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    New Appearance is under development

    Apple Platinum Appearance for MacOS X is almost completed. I'm currently working with two other authors to help me finish it faster. I'm currently accepting all choice of future appearance for MacOS X. Send me your scheme and I will choose the best one. We can work together to port it to...
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    Software and Games for Mac OS X

    Didn't you know that OMNI group already ported a version of Quake III Arena to MacOS X? I already tried it and it is about 20% faster than MacOS 9. Adam
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    First Post! nyah nyah

    In your screenshot, your dock is splitted in three categories. How can I do that? Also how can I put the dock on the right of screen? Thanks,
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    New Appearance is under development

    I want to let you everyone know that a new appearance is under development. It is an additional to blue and graphite appearance. The theme will look like original MacOS 9 Platinum theme. It is still buggy but work pretty well so far. Just want to let you know that making appearance in MacOS...