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    new xserves

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    Panther shipping?

    apple retail stores WILL have it :)
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    Paris Expo

    new 12 inch coming our way, hopefully 1 GHz. :)
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    homestar runner fans :)

    yeah it's too bad too he had it running quite well, it happened about 2 weeks ago. too much traffic..
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    homestar runner fans :)

    hey guys, since the closure of the very cool site.. homestarrunner.NET.. Marc, (the owner) was asking for volunteers to host such a site, I have placed an iB board up at: just to maybe start things up again, if not well hey I tried to keep the fan base alive :-)
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    Apple has shortcuts to the G5 page up!!!!!

    G6 doesn't work, this could be valid.
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    PPC 970!? What are these guys doing?! (or PPC 970) every two seconds in the description, what's up with that?
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    Is this THE ONE ?

    Yes, and all of you also said that you didn't like the chrome-mirrored look of the current G4...Like people have been saying, don't judge the box by the spy photo, it's all about real life.
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    WWDC Keynote Broadcast?

    doh! woodfield, IL here.
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    WWDC Keynote Broadcast?

    it's going to be at local apple stores for sure?? cool!
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    WWDC Keynote Broadcast?

    This has probably already been asked, but the new button on apples website (WWDC button) -- does this suggest that it will be broadcasted in quicktime? Thanks all;)
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    Strong Sad uses an iPod!

    look at the scroll wheel and buttons around it, old design
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    iPod integration pic

    Yes, the ipod is right by the shifter so it is extremely easy to change songs/etc...Volume does not work with line out which is amazing because then you get no distortion. Volume controlled all by the sony headunit...the headunit is awesome, there is no internal amp it is just powered by the 4...
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    iPod integration pic

    Integrated my iPod in my audi TT, worked out very well and the line in sounds fabulous. check it out...
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    iTrip Revision??

    The firewire port is NOT used to power the iTrip, it is just a piece of plastic there that holds it in place. The iTrip is actually powered by the sound port (where the remote control is usually powered). Griffin will probably make one for the new iPod, but as kendall says probably not for...
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    2.0 for Old iPods, petition

    grabbing the 2.0 update is simple!! Step 1. List old iPod on eBay Step 2. Receive Payment Step 3. Purchase new iPod!
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    Something New Coming?

    That's the old store design!
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    Apple should sell mix CD's in iTunes store!

    will never happen, like everyone is saying too expensive, and low-end macs have a burner
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    iPod has LINE-IN and recording capabilities!

    Voice recognition is what it's good for :-) "Play song Blah blah"